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Rangers 2-2 Borussia Dortmund (6-4 agg)

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  1. It’s not outrageous considering the distance there and back, price of diesel, paying the driver (who might have to be paid extra to sleep in the loader over night) plus mini want some profit from it.

  2. Surely they could deliver it to the Mini garage here for a reduced rate?

  3. It’s honestly going to depend on you and your interest. With knowing what they are it’s hard to know how good the social scene will be. You will find Gold Coast (over Sydney and Melbourne) is a little more outdoor and little less cultural. It’s also much more spread out rather than big two, so a car is a must and it’s HOT all the time unlike the other states, Gold Coast only has two seasons: Hot and Stupidly hot.

  4. Is the general population younger or older? Like mid 20s? What about the dating scene

  5. There are heaps of sports clubs for just about every game. Just gotta put yourself out thrre

  6. Would they be welcome to beginners? Only sport I’ve played is football (soccer) and I’d be shite at that

  7. Thank you for your help. Unfortunately that link doesn’t detail specifically what the follow up should say. I know that they should specify AM/PM, date, consultant etc but can’t find anything that says this

  8. Sorry that this isn’t advice, but as a medical student I’m very curious what this opportunity is and why it’s so well paid 👀

  9. F3 locum at an agency. £60 per hour for 40 hours a week is relatively common. If you’re smart about location you can get your tax down to 20%

  10. That’s good! How does the area you work in reduce your tax liability?

  11. Same areas will pay you outside PAYE. You can then set yourself up as an independent contractor to pay 20% tax. Areas such as Northern Ireland, jersey and isle of man

  12. Result was coming. Celtic have rode their luck recently in the league.

  13. Celtic look shite. Been riding their luck the past few weeks now

  14. Yes, that's a thing people say all the time. How much money have Arsenal and Spurs spent trying to get into the top 6 regularly and still struggle?

  15. Are you American? Have you ever been to Glasgow? You know nothing

  16. No. I live in Glasgow. I know plenty and your opinion is delusional.

  17. You support juventus and you live in Glasgow lol clueless idiot

  18. Lundstram was sensational. Ryan Kent what a big game pler

  19. This team have got our number in a way that no other team have this season. Leverkusen might have beat us 4-0 but this team beating us much more convincingly.

  20. Agne knew that aswell judging by the team he put out

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