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  1. All jokes aside, this may be one of the most fucked up things I've ever seen. How the fuck is the dude sitting here laughing like this is funny? He's literally talking about Michaels and Janetty raping women while they are unconscious and throwing them out like trash. That's disgusting.

  2. because it was funny. in those days (and still now, in a lot of places) this isn't rape-rape, this is 'why didn't you keep your legs shut you must have wanted it if you were out there with them you knew what was going to happen'.

  3. Just have a talk with him to make sure you are on the same page. People often use the term date in place of hang out with friends. There are 4 or 5 people I can think of right now if I said lets do x they'd respond with it's a date. They in no way mean that we would be hanging out romantically.

  4. the build on this storyline has been really great, it's just a shame that most of it's been on the dark shows.

  5. god i love it. i love it now and i love waiting for him to be destroyed

  6. choosing to believe the trustbusters have the dirt on ari daivari and that's why he keeps funding them

  7. i nearly posted asking if he married you to be the nanny, but i'm sure that if the nanny tried to enforce a rule he'd back her up.

  8. I think he feels guilty for splitting up their family and tries to make sure he always takes their side no matter what.

  9. then he married you knowing that he would always treat you as less than. if you want to live like that fine, but keep the blame where it belongs.

  10. Same. I used to go out with my family, and I'm there with a pop or water and everyone else is getting shitfaced and trying to do a split bill... had to put my foot down hard. Epsecially since I'm also the sodding DD.

  11. my cousin has worked in nurseries all her life. no kids of her own and no desire for them. she likes being able to send them home at 5.

  12. Idk about brave considering now she wants to move across the country and basically cut him off from both of their kids. Also OP never said he was becoming his new-found sons primary care giver. Seems like an emotional overreaction that would impact OP for something that isn’t his fault. His new son would be 13 by my math so it’s not like they have to be caring about the kids needs that much. Punishing OP for the rest of his life over something that he didn’t even do wrong is wrong.

  13. He was pretty much my favourite around the turn of the century. Hope his health gets better.

  14. do you have any siblings? never having grandkids might be something you can weaponise if not.

  15. i mean, one moment he's calling you disgusting for telling him a gesture means blow job and the next he's holding you down without any discussion...

  16. Wait how is she having a baby without any involvement from him? Are we doing some kind of turkey baster thing here?

  17. bc isn't perfect, but it's useless if it's being used carelessly.

  18. Okay? If he was that afraid of getting a girl pregnant there’s something he can do about that. How does he get baby trapped against his will?

  19. See, having sex with someone means you have to trust them. And sometimes you only find out if that was the right thing to do after the fact.

  20. My friend just had hers removed on local anesthesia and she drove herself. She didn’t even ask anyone for help lol

  21. the moment he said his teeth were on the chair arm i knew exactly where it was going. my dad's lost about 3 sets to our dogs that way.

  22. honestly, that 90k will disgust your kids and grandkids if you leave them that with the memory of you living in poverty.

  23. i failed 3 times. finally passed when i was in my 30's. Honestly, if I'd passed the first time (and I came really close to it) I'd have been in an accident in the first 3 months. I was nowhere near ready. The next two failures were internal pressure because i failed the first.

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