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  1. I went to Neil, it cost us about $900 all in, and school hooked me up with blazer/sweaters/ties. That said, I’m pretty sure that the super rich kids had to pay more (I vaguely remember a classmate saying 7/8 thousand. Our school had a sliding scale. My bro went to Del, and I can remember parents talking about number for him being difficult, but doable. And yes, there was a transition period, where a grade 9 class was public, and 10+ was not. And that moved year by year (9/10 public following year and so on) if I recall correctly

  2. It’s not even cheap! That’s the thing. You can get a hotel room or a private room at a hostel that comes with free cleaning and sometimes breakfast instead without the hassle of all the fees and the owner breathing down your neck

  3. Agreed. There was a time 10 years ago when there was an noticeable difference in price between an Airbnb and downtown hotel. Now they're the same price.

  4. I went to a Liberal Arts school so I have no idea what you're talking about.

  5. Hopefully never come back. As a pedestrian, Main Street, especially at intersections, is a death trap, with drivers who think they're turning on to a highway.

  6. There are a lot of things that are a strictly Brampton thing, but I assure you this happens everywhere.

  7. Really shady stuff from the so-called golden child of Canada's tech scene.

  8. Supposedly the plans for the 96 Stanley Cup run if they won was to have a championship boat parade through Fort Lauderdale. Wouldn't be a surprise if that's the case if they win this year.

  9. Tampa had a boat parade for their recent back-to-back Cups.

  10. I've been to the following cities in the last 5 years:

  11. I'm happy to see that they're making admissions to specialty schools more equitable.

  12. I love the well-documented practice of able bodied Indian travelers using the free wheelchair service.

  13. Doesn't this guy have like the biggest political strategists and comms people working for him?

  14. Those vehicles are destroyed. You need speed for that. Just tragic. The only solace is hoping they both went so quick and didn’t realize what happened.

  15. And no children were onboard the bus.

  16. Kroetesch is a brutal councillor. He bullies people and doesn’t care about the people in his ward. He only cares about the image he presents. He doesn’t even live in ward 2. Can’t wait until next election.

  17. He lives in the ward. He lives down the street from me.

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