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  1. I THINK it goes under gecko codes section, right click on the game, hit properties, and paste under gecko tab.

  2. I’ve tried that. And no cheats shoe up to activate like it does on OOT

  3. You activate the code in the same menu that you used to create the code. Then you go into your graphics settings and switch the aspect ratio to "auto" or "16:9".

  4. This is not my video, nor do I have any relation to the creator other than I just like his stuff. Very informative and might help you out

  5. I think ive watched this 3x already - need to watch again when sitting in front of my device to match settings. Thanks!

  6. Frontends suck. Download the emulators you want and deal with the ugly stock Android.

  7. this makes me so sad - but this is what i have done for a work around at this point - hoping to fine tune it.

  8. You need to use “if user logged in” as your initial condition for %consolenumber% to populate I believe

  9. you nudged me enough for me to get it working I think. Thank you so much!

  10. You still have this - ive been searching for days now! Can trade you a USA ditto

  11. LF: non english ditto FT:Any starter or english ditto

  12. i mean north american - so mine is ENG too.

  13. For sure! Let me know if you get a ditto you want to trade.

  14. I have a fuecoco and im looking for any of the other starters still. LMK if you have anything!

  15. Sorry to get everyone's hopes up but apparently they nerfed the ability to start a 2nd save and do online stuff. So I can't get the French ditto...

  16. If you're deploying to a domain environment, the recommended deployment method is BOTH Network Probe and GPO. The Network Probe will deploy to machines that have not rebooted or logged out/logged back in. Where as the GPO will get those machines that have. That two-pronged method, will ensure a MUCH higher success rate.

  17. So i think im almost there - They are showing as 'not ready' in the agent readiness column.

  18. In workgroup environments, you would need an identical admin account on every machine to leverage. Automate Agents, by default, run as nt authority\system, thus they cannot seamlessly reach through the network without authenticating.

  19. Another question for you as I am working on things this morning. We have 4 locations under one client.

  20. based on my understanding you couldnt deploy this way unless you had a local admin (same) on each machine.

  21. domain member with any domain admin account you like (dedicated ideally to ensure pasword never changes maybe)

  22. have you ever done with Azure AD?

  23. We have a script running daily that edits registry to not allow - if users are super intentional in getting it they still can - but this takes away most of the problems.

  24. I thought youk was rumored to be the guy who revealed the chicken and beer incident and that's why he was disliked by them.

  25. Yeah, they talked about it - and then apparently they found out it was Theo. maybe?

  26. The error itself appears to be the request to /media/subscriptions:

  27. This is TV shows and Movies - its like my whole library. I dont have enough disc space to move everything out and everything back in.

  28. If it's happening with everything then it's unlikely doing the Plex Dance would help, only if that one file was the only one having issues. My only other thought would be to uninstall and reinstall the app to see if that helps. Outside of that, you could try posting on the

  29. Log out and log back in. Sometimes works.

  30. "Other Videos" type libraries use landscape artwork. "Movies" and "TV Shows" type libraries use portrait posters.

  31. Do you know if you can swap from 'other videos' to 'Movies' without creating new?

  32. Well crap. Maybe I can change that.

  33. I have a search setup in Automate for all machines not on the current build we're deploying. If the machine is in that search, then every night at 11pm it will run our deploy script. One of the first things in the script is to check if the user is logged in or not. If not - GO! If they are logged in, exit.

  34. This is good - i think the roadblock here would be the communication with clients. Do you have any issues with the feature updates not working well? Im scared to do 500 (as an example) over night in case a bunch dont take and the computer isnt usable.

  35. As you should be! We started slow, ran it manually here and there.

  36. Ive been editing ours as well - just spending every year doing this - would like to automate more and set proper expectations if we shift to moving this way. Im confident I can get groups/scheduled scripts working. Its just making sure we have the right expectations set.

  37. Alright - change made - Ill test for the next couple days.

  38. Well its better for sure - Its still not as sweet as I want it to be - When I look at the task manager there seems to be two things consistently

  39. We just send automated emails out from BrightGauge to a distro group for client who want it.

  40. Based on what indicator? What is prompting the email?

  41. You could send out the emails with Workflow Rules. You use the ticket templates to create your tickets with specific types and subtypes, and then you trigger the workflow rule based on those types and subtypes. That is how I usually send out automated emails to customers.

  42. Oh man! this might be the answer - I'll run down this road for sure. Appreciate you giving your thoughts.

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