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  1. Fucking stressful to watch but a great game. Hogg solid, Duhan unreal, Huwipuloto the dream team. Ben White absolutely nailing himself as a starting 9. Luke Crosbie tearing it up.

  2. Won at 5s today and a lovely Scotland win. Beautiful. Excellent. Would also die for Duhan van der Merwe - what a boy. Good Saturday all round.

  3. All aboard the Toonie train again I am ALL IN for this chaosball

  4. I know everyone hates rugby cunts on here but quite looking forward to Saturday. With the team we’ve got we have a tiny chance of absolutely scudding England

  5. I can already tell you what will happen. Scotland beat england but lose key guys to injury, lose vs ireland wales and scare france. Then we get our team back together to beat italy in the final game, and talk about how close our games were.

  6. And finish 5th as usual? Sounds about right. Although with the form Italy are in I fear it’ll be 6th this time.

  7. My body physically and mentally does not seem to function on any amount of sleep - 4 6 8 10 hours I am still FUCKING exhausted in the morning.

  8. If you're doing all the healthy stuff and are still like this then it's off to the docs for a wee blood test.

  9. Aye. Went a few years back for the same thing and everything was ‘normal’ but got vitamin D and B12 just in case. Still feel like shit. I think my body is just old and broken

  10. Toonieball has evolved into it’s final, most chaotic form. Terrorball, one might call it.

  11. Replay is on BBC ALBA right now if anyone would like to relive the cinchness of it all (or any Aberdeen fans are masochists)

  12. You have no idea just how large the smile on my face was when writing that title

  13. Cancelled my gym membership. I was only going once or twice a week at most for most of last year and I hated it every time I went and had only been once since I got my concussion and have finally accepted that gyms just aren't for me. I like exercising and staying healthy but gyms are just too depressing for me.

  14. Local football team? Don’t know if you’re Glasgow based but there’s a fair few recreational teams about.

  15. Sold our best and quite frankly only striker and brought in two midfielders on loan. We’re going down.

  16. Just finished 5s, game was abandoned with 20 mins to go cause cunts went in a huff. Cba with that shite

  17. Hate shite like that. Deal with that from a few folk and I just dinny get it - it’s fuckin fives not the CL

  18. See folk who message you on Teams with ‘Hi [name]’ and nothing else? Should be fucking obliterated.

  19. There should be exams to own dogs. “Pal” of mine bought a breeding pair of pedigree dogs with intent to make money from the pups. Got 6 lovely little dogs but hit the drink and drugs so bad he was raided by RSPCA and they were all taken from him due to neglect.

  20. Honestly makes you sick how folk can neglect innocent wee pups like that. Ours was rescued from a backyard breeder - not quite as bad as a puppy farm but the woman had about 20 dogs in a wee 2 bed flat, none spayed or looked after so there was constantly puppies and the place was covered in piss.

  21. Ive mentioned before that Ive seen people still come out with "yeah its bad but imagine Corbyn got in". Shows you how incessant the media job on him was, cunts must have been conditioned into thinking he was Stalin.

  22. Someone (who hates Corbyn) was moaning to me about how electric / trains / internet should be nationalised. I said that was fully costed in Corbyn’s manifesto but you called it communism. Response?

  23. Just got two of the connections on Only Connect and feel like I should probably join MENSA tbh.

  24. Is it possible for a person to be built on top of an ancient native American burial ground because that is the only explanation for all the shite I've had to deal with today.

  25. Genuinely considering taking some annual leave this week so I can have a fucking lie in CHRIST I’m exhausted

  26. Ordered with Uber Eats last night and it arrived an hour late, stone cold and stale. Was picked up on time so obvs the driver. Trying to get any response from Uber and it’s just ‘thanks we’ll pass it on’ repeated no matter what you say, like no I’d like my money back pls

  27. Beat Partick today…with a proper nice goal too. And won at fives. And El Sackico was a good laugh.

  28. Four on the trot for you in all comps. Still a chance of survival? (Though Arbroath also won today)

  29. Oh, I don’t dare think like that, but I’ll take a run of being ‘average’ instead of just continually sinking before we go down.

  30. Have Aberdeen forgot how to play football? They do know it’s ‘get ball, keep ball, pass to player in their team’?

  31. Well that was not my most enjoyable couple of weeks. Story time with Pirate. Strap in because it's a long and very personal one.

  32. Really glad you’re out of that patch now and feeling better Pirate. Sounds tough to deal with bud - thank you for writing on here and letting us all in. Truly powerful words and it’s definitely resonated with a few.

  33. Back from fives (a win as well) and a dug walk just in time for el sackico. Lovely stuff.

  34. Back by absolutely no demand, it’s Old Firm obsession bingo! Check off when you hear:

  35. How are all the Hibs and Aberdeen fans doing? Feeling okay for tomorrow? Should mods arrange an emergency support network?

  36. Bad signs when the Hamilton fans are checking in on you

  37. Hibs/Aberdeen merely adopted the tinpot…I was born in it, moulded by it…

  38. A Friday night in Hamilton. Fuck that. I’ll watch it in the pub.

  39. Is it not enough that we’re getting pumped at home, does my shame have to be televised? Is this what it feels like to be an Aberdeen fan?

  40. Stuck two quid on Hibs to finish bottom 2 days ago when it was 250/1. It’s now 40/1.

  41. Disingenuous and besmirched in the on statement? That’s definitely 3 points to Hearts in the statement league.

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