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  1. THC is toxic to dogs. I’d immediately bring it up to whoever is above you, along with management.

  2. Ok thanks. I didn’t want to be that person complaining. But I think this is worthy.

  3. I’m usually not that person, but in this case, I would be. And I’m sure the neighbors would be understanding and more conscious about it knowing it’s toxic to your dog.

  4. We free feed too and always did with our older dogs too. It’s honestly easier. I tried out the 2-3x a day with my puppy and he would eat very little because he just wasn’t hungry. Now he eats when he is hungry, and we have no issues.

  5. I have an SUV with captain seats for the 2nd row, so he has his own seat if just one kid is with me, but he goes into the 3rd row, when everyone is in. Sometimes I’ll put the 3rd row completely down but his seatbelt only allows so much leeway for him to move and he’s more comfy on the actual seat. I have a blanket I put down so he doesn’t mess up the leather. He’s strapped with a seatbelt with his harness wherever he sits though. I always feel bad when he’s in the 3rd row because he can’t have the wind in his face from a window.

  6. I have close knowledge of these circumstances. In reality, it's actually a fairly depressing existence.

  7. I’m not sure what state you’re in or county, but the K9 officer’s dog(s) I know live a very happy family/home life when off duty. Once their vest is off - they’re regular (albeit extremely well behaved) dogs. They live in the home, with their own beds, play with their “sibling” dogs and kids, swim, play, etc. They live very good lives and are just really great dogs in general. Once that vest comes out in the morning or whenever the shift is - they’re all business though.

  8. I have a 6 month old ACD, and take him every 6 weeks for a bath and nails. Every 3 weeks for nails though. I pay $55 - but really $75 because of the tip. I would absolutely expect to pay minimum $200 for a GP or any large lots of hair dog that’s properly brushed and taken care of in between professional grooms. For a GP with matting and all this.. $300 not including tip? Maybe more!

  9. I’m going to get one of those cheap plastic pools today actually. It’s getting up to 100 already and he’s just not having it. We do early morning walks now and I try to do evenings if it cools down enough. He really loves “eating” water from the hose so I put it on mist and let him go at it. He’s scared of sprinklers so that’s out of the equation for us 😂 Lots of water. I try to put ice in it but he ends up tossing the bowl, but I want to try making one of those big ice blocks one of these days! He cools down on the floor in front of one of the fans. He’s really not a fan of the heat, poor guy!

  10. I block my guy off from the actual living areas of the house. He has a really roomy full hallway and I block it off with his crate. He usually just naps but I leave toys, food and water, etc. I don’t trust him not to tear up the house yet, so he stays blocked off for now. If you don’t crate him, maybe get a baby gate and block off a section and see how that goes?

  11. I think so too! He’s such a good boy, he’s going to be a really great dog. I just want to give him the best life possible!

  12. I love reading this sub! I have an ACD, 6 months old and I take him in every 2 weeks for a nail trim and about every 6 weeks for a bath. He’s a little nervous for me to leave him, and I know he can be a big crybaby without me around so I always ask how he was at pick up and if there’s anything I should/need to work with him on to make the grooming easier for both of them, if needed. The girls are super sweet and will let me know everything when I ask. He was whiny the first time and not a fan of having his nails trimmed, but now he’s adjusted and they all tell me he’s a good boy, very sweet and no longer whines and is good with a nail trim. I’d absolutely want to know if he had bad behavior so I can work on it, so I always ask to make sure and let them know they can be 100% honest because I want it to be a good experience for both of them.

  13. Mine isn’t super cuddly/affectionate. He comes for cuddles/pets on his own terms. If we sit next to him, he will get up and move. He is getting more into being by someone, but not actually touching, when laying down as he gets older but I don’t think he’s ever going to be that dog that just loves everyone. He lets others pet on his own terms too. But he is very much a nice boy, he just goes at his own pace with touching.

  14. How about a wagon? My SIL puts her kids in those sometimes. Lol

  15. Second the wagon! Great for sports but also to give dogs a place to relax and nap during long tournaments- softball/volleyball mom who brings her dog everywhere

  16. yeah that doesn’t work, I can get away with using her kibble in the food puzzles, but not for training (especially outside)

  17. Have you tried getting a different type of kibble for training? I use a stinky salmon one for training because I was also worried about my guy having too many treats. He goes wild for the salmon so it makes training easier on me. He does get “big” treats too during harder parts of training but the different kibble works great too!

  18. Not weird at all! I love my Vet and his staff. If it wasn’t for him (and then) my old girl would not have been with us as long as she was. They made sure she was comfy, no pain, and truly were so compassionate and amazing. I had a little sign made for my vet that someone made me on Etsy and a card for the staff and sent in an edible arrangement bundle.

  19. My guy is 5 months and his canines fell out last week. They were growing while he still had his baby canines so I was a bit worried that we’d have to take him in to have them pulled. We waited about a week and they ended up coming out on their own. I want to say those were the last of his baby teeth but it’s hard for me to tell.

  20. Mine is crate trained and his crate is in my bedroom, so he sleeps there at night. During the day, he’s mainly on the couch, unless he’s hot from running around and then he’ll toss himself on the floor (tile) because it’s cooler for him. If we leave, I have a long hallway that is basically “puppy proof” and I’ll scoot his crate there and it blocks off the hallway from the rest of the house, so it works and he has plenty of space for a couple hours. I don’t trust him enough to not have him in his crate. And I don’t like dogs on beds, although he will lay on mine when I’m showering or getting ready. He usually will not move until I’m done though.

  21. Hera, Iris, Athena, Venus or Nemesis (Nem for short). She’s gorgeous. I’ve always love Greek Goddess names and those seem to suit her!

  22. I’ve always done free feeding with my dogs, and it’s never been a problem for us or them. I did try to do the meal times with my puppy but like yours, he was finicky and just wasn’t super into eating. So free feeding is working great for us. He eats when he’s hungry, aside from training because I use a different kibble for that (salmon because it’s stinky and he goes wild for it lol)!

  23. Ya I first got worried when we tried the scheduled feed times. But pretty much every article was saying don't force them or anything, just let them know where it is and they'll go when they're ready. But she didn't eat and we figured it's cause she's nervous being in a new home. But then we'd leave the food out and she'd just nibble throughout the day and still does after a month and a half.

  24. Oh I forgot to say, he gets bored with treats too during training. So we switch it out with a toy (I got a nice tug toy off Amazon and only use it for training. It gets put up when we’re done) So we use that and kind of take a small break to play as well, and then get back into it. it’s been a great motivator.

  25. One time a man at the pet store came up and asked if my dogs were friendly. I said this one is and this one isn’t. Please ignore him and don’t touch him because new people scare him. However, my other dog is friendly, you can pet her if you would like. And then this fucking dude has the AUDACITY to stick his hand in my dogs face and go “what will he bite me? Will he bite me?? Are you SCARED” and laughed. I was in complete shock at the stupidity.

  26. I wish your dog would have bit him! That makes me so mad for you and your boy! I seriously would have kicked him!

  27. We're working on this and man, I get it, my puppy is freaking adorable. She's a rare color for her breed and she's got all this extra skin, big feet, and ears too big for her body. I get it. But please, we're obviously training, don't walk right up and start petting her without asking or so much as looking at me just because she saw you and started pulling. 🙃 She needs to learn that not everyone loves dogs and sometimes its okay not to say hi. She needs to NOT be rewarded for jumping up and pulling on the harness... But thats when people want to say hi the most. I've had all of 1 stranger ask before petting her and the other half dozen just took it as an okay since I didn't physically stop them I guess.

  28. Maybe we should just start pepper spraying people who just can’t accept that you don’t run up and pet other peoples dogs lol

  29. My older two dogs that passed were never interested in the backyard. They acted as though they were in a Sarah McGlocan (I can’t spell today) commercial. My 5 month old gets into everything. Everything. He cannot be trusted alone and I don’t see that changing for a long time with him. Although before bedtime, I can stand at the door while he goes to the bathroom and he’ll come right in. That’s the extent of it though lol

  30. Some days I do and some I don’t or just forget. It’s been getting hot here lately so if we do a later walk, I’ll bring some water. I have a collapsible bowl for him, but he likes drinking from the water bottle so I really don’t get why I bother with the bowl at this point. Our walks aren’t super long right now since he’s only 5 months so if I forget, it’s not a huge deal for us.

  31. I actually use a different kibble for when we do actual training. I do a salmon kibble because it smells stronger and he’s more eager to get it, especially during recall and place training. I do a name game/recall every day, and use his regular kibble for that because I use one of his meal times. So he gets his full breakfast or lunch and we work on simple recall during that. It’s basically me tossing it out and him focusing on coming back to me for more.

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