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  1. Cant tell, you dont show enough of your teeths, with what I can see it looks fine

  2. How can I tell if the brace did a good job or not for you if you dont open your mouth wider and show more of your teeths. You want to ask others for thought on your brace result right?

  3. Personally I floss after every meal but I have been told that that's not necessary, I just have sensory issues with ANYTHING being stuck in my braces. Most dentists recommend flossing at night, before you brush. My Ortho said floss, mouthwash, and then brush is the best routine.

  4. ouu okay i’m going to try that now , i have this huge red puss like thing on one of my teeth , i would i get a pic , i bet that’s from poor flossing

  5. Diligent, regular oral health routine will help a lot.

  6. Get floss threaders and start flossing now before the braces come off. With you gums so puffed up it will make the retainers fit loosely once they are healthy again. Plus by getting your gums back to where they should be, you can see your teeth better to make sure everything is aligned and there aren’t any gaps.

  7. It looks like you have gingivitis. Once the braces are off, good oral hygiene will take the gums back towards where they were in a few weeks.

  8. ok thanks so much ! any tips on how to improve my oral hygiene ?

  9. this is exactly how my mouth looks and idk what to do about it . i was supposed to be out of braces by January of this year

  10. omg that’s how my before looked too ! i currently have a spring there in the space but i have a powerchain over the spring i guess to close the space ! idk all i know is i’m ready to get them off lol , i’ve had braces for like 4 years now

  11. because the first ones were just so unprofessional and rude . and then removed my tooth and then told me they wouldn’t be able to bring down my impacted one anymore so now i’m stuck with a missing tooth because there’s no way i can afford an implant right now

  12. i have a missing tooth too! then i had extractions. braces should help with the gap. i lost my tooth due to a bad previous dentist and changing clinics was the best decision i ever made!

  13. they said with the missing space they’ll give me a retainer with a tooth attached but right now i have a power chain over the space to close it a bit !

  14. what tweak is it that makes the music player small and transparent like that?

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