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  1. I have commented back and upvoted on 99% of the comments and if you look, most comments have 5 upvotes. THATS CRAZY AWESOME THANK YOU GUYS! I earned 400 karma from this post alone,and others have earned around 50-80 just from the karma train and commenting a ton. Keep it up, dreams do come true. LOVE YOU

  2. New on reddit and meed karma, lets help each other out with the upvotes!!! Please

  3. Upvoted! Please vote me up! I am an environmental activist and I need karma to further my activism reach on here!

  4. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day! Just upvoted you, can you return on a post or two?

  5. YOU GOT THIS I BELIEVE IN YOU. Plus i will upvote your posts and comments at least to 50 upvotes if you do. Ive done it 3 times for others already

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