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  1. My usual shop didn’t have any new releases and the second I visited didn’t have anymore Saga. Got it at a third location. Very weird since that’s never happened before to me.

  2. Are they selling that as a 10-14? It has a pinned barrel, a hammer mounted firing pin, and no internal lock so I’d say it’s a bit earlier. Older model 10s are excellent guns, I’d pay $500 for it.

  3. I looked up the sku on the listing and it was for a 10-14. Just type 150786 into if you are interested. I think I’m going for a new one instead.

  4. Is the trigger wear more than what is shown? Hard to tell if it's wear or the case hardening

  5. I’m not sure. I should’ve added this gun is from a pawn store selling on so I can’t inspect it myself. It does have a “good” condition rating though.

  6. Nothing against this guy but am I the only who doesn’t care about what experts of a field have to say about a game/show/movie that features said field.

  7. I don’t want to exaggerate but somehow seeing the clickers in the museum felt scarier on the show. I think it’s because they’re enlarged and zoomed in on compared to the game. You can see so many more details of their decayed bodies where the game has Joel and the environment to fit on screen too.

  8. Was the editing pretty crazy on this one or was that just my phone? There were a few loops, a crazy pile up of ads, and then it just stopped mid sentence.. is that just me?

  9. You aren't the only one. Some episodes, including this one, have looped back to a section I just heard.

  10. Probably the most interesting occupation of a fan so far. I'm really surprised Allan actually answered the best way to get rid of a body. I thought she would be vague or dodge the question. But I'm sure that Law and Order gig will be worth it!

  11. I see many here have sympathy for the husband but as someone who has worked customer service and been on the receiving end countless times before I can’t say I do.

  12. Not sure if Warner Bros Discovery has the rights to do it but a TV series set in the HP universe but new characters/premise/locations would be nice. For example: following aurors as they investigate magic crimes around the world.

  13. Just a few quick questions... if this was an "intentional" stop

  14. You’re applying reason to an idea that clearly didn’t have any. The hard truth is the vast majority of people on the internet wouldn’t cut it out as a detective and it shows with this case.

  15. Even though I like Michelle I do admit I am a bit bored by it so far. More “be a good person” talk than humor so nothing vastly different from her previous appearances.

  16. I don’t think so. I was there a week ago and didn’t see a table for it. I know they did years ago though.

  17. All the people here commenting that they’re not gonna buy the game after playing the demo are the reason they don’t happen anymore.

  18. Is that necessarily a bad thing? Imagine if movie studios chose to not release trailers because research said they turned some people away from seeing movies.

  19. Yeah this isn’t for me. Not horrible by any means but it’s not as good as I’d like - especially the combat.

  20. Bungie made getting into Destiny 2 after its release so complicated I don't even want to try.

  21. Dan is one of my least favorite refs. He's lazy, makes mistakes frequently, and often times seems like he cares more about the audience than the fighters.

  22. He makes decisions that puts audience satisfaction over everything else. The most notable one was when he convinced Stefan Struve to continue after taking a huge illegal blow from Ben Rothwell. Struve of course ended up getting knocked out a bit later.

  23. The wait depends on when you show up. They open at 8 am or 12 pm and the best time to show up is shortly before then. There is rarely a line before the 8 am opening but there is usually one at the 12 pm one. If they open at 12 try to be there before 11:50 ish.

  24. I don’t want to sound mean but does anyone think Morgan has some mental issue? I feel like if I showed the transcript of what he said here and hid the identity some would tell me this person had dementia or something like that.

  25. I am wondering if I can get my kids to do it when we're there soon - any insight for me with three? How long does it take?

  26. It takes up to five minutes per person - most of the time it’s faster. The key to avoiding the long line is getting there shortly before they open at 8 am or 12 pm. There usually isn’t a line at the 8 am opening but there is when they open at 12.

  27. I absolutely loved the callback of Daemon and Otto meeting on Dragonstone and having Rhaenyra arriving on Syrax. She landed in the same place as well and walked past them like in Ep2.

  28. It would’ve been much safer to land behind Daemon’s group and walk forward but she chose to land behind Otto and walk past his group to show she wasn’t scared of them. Love the psychological game she played there.

  29. Didn’t have masturbating to feet on my bingo card

  30. I was so confused during that scene. I thought Alicent’s feet hurt from walking a lot and she was trying to get comfortable but was puzzled why would that need to be shown. Then my confusement turned into disappointment 😓

  31. I know I'm in the minority but man, I hope the rest of the album is better than this.

  32. It’s an okay song but the fact that they chose this as the single is a bit concerning to me.

  33. I'm not a doctor but I think with the rise of the internet way more people are doing that compared to 20+ years ago. Plus I imagine the people who posted their crazy COVID theories in the last two years didn't just confine their opinions online.

  34. Yeah the activation lock is solid but thieves can still sell the phone for parts at a much lower price compared to an unlocked phone.

  35. I’m actually glad Conan and Jerry don’t seem friends. I saw an episode of Getting Coffee with Comedians and in it Jerry put a used napkin in a waiter’s hand. It wasn’t a bit and he didn’t apologize. If he acts like that in front of cameras what is he like in private?

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