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  1. I agree that it’s gross and terrible. I think OP does too considering they said “our disgust”. It doesn’t change the fact that, as OP pointed out, this temporary mistake between two fictional characters plausible.

  2. In a clone wars episode that wasn’t ever finished but has surfaced online Yoda talks about a time when Jedi and Sith built incredibly powerful weapons to fight each other. I’d say this might be one of them

  3. Don’t suppose you’d know how to find any information about this? I’ve searched for it but don’t really know what to look for

  4. It's in "The Big Bang", one of the cancelled TCW episodes from the Crystal Crisis on Utapau arc. Yoda just says they used to use kyber crystal-powered superweapons. This one isn't anything to do with that.

  5. Ah interesting, I couldn’t find it based on that the other guy said so I’ll look into this now! Thanks a bunch!

  6. I wouldn’t want the whole Universe like this, we’ll just have another MCU like that. I’d want more variation between projects. I like this style for Peacemaker or TSS, but it shouldn’t be used for someone like Swamp Thing or the New Gods.

  7. I think Peacemaker’s has been far more emotional and touching than the MCU has been for a while, though the amount of comedy might be a little too heavy for the whole DCU

  8. I agree that it has more emotion and actual character than most MCU offerings, but we’d still have a similar issue. Even with the writing being of higher quality, having everything be so similar would start to drag after a while, like has been the case for the MCU for quite a few years now.

  9. I agree. I’m optimistic about Gunn’s superman movie but just slightly worried that it’ll be too joke-filled

  10. Holy shit I translated it to check, that’s so creepy

  11. >!I interpreted that as two possible ways and idk which it is.

  12. Interesting opinion. I actually figured it was the 2nd option after he went AWOL for a different reason. I figured that he went AWOL because he was so conflicted, being close to the Jedi but still believe they were traitors.

  13. Oh honestly I didn't even consider he chose to go AWOL. I figured it was the empire just covering up his disappearance for disregarding orders but that sounds likely too

  14. Oooh shit, I didn’t consider him being “made to disappear”. That’s an interesting and scary possibility. Now I’m worried how long we’ll have to wait to find out.

  15. I’m so sorry that’s happened to you. It sounds like you’ve got a lot to deal with and I know how it can feel to put your emotions on hold. It sounds like therapy is something you should pursue as soon as possible because trust me, putting it off is the worst option when you know you need it.

  16. Milotic. I say Mill-ot-ic instead of Milo-tick

  17. Hii! First of all, awesome! I love it. Sadly I have an iPhone. I saw, that u already said in another reply you will develop an ios version, which I’m really looking forward to! Any chance you could @ me or dm me when it’s done? I just fear I’d miss it otherwise. If so, thanks so much!

  18. I’m here for the ping. Thanks so much for doing this!

  19. I sat on my ass with this for ages, now I only have until march to do this. But I guess look on the bright side, it's not like they're being erased, just walled off. Still there.

  20. To clarify for you, it’s not impossible to use pokemon bank after march. It’s only impossible for new players to download Bank

  21. Oh well gee, I'm glad I spend 5 bucks on it then. good for me.

  22. If it’s any consolation, I did the same thing, I think lots of people figured Bank is shutting down since they expected it for so long

  23. 107 because it’s my lucky number, it’s cool of you to do this!

  24. Don’t worry, honestly just ignore messages like that. I posted on this sub a few years ago for the first time and a comment like that put a massive dent in my confidence.

  25. That is why we can’t have nice things. They throw in a nice Easter egg for the fans and suddenly it’s canon.

  26. But it being canon isn’t an issue? There’s an infinite multiverse out there now so Thanos being a less serious villain who puts his name on a helicopter in one of those worlds isn’t exactly lore breaking. There’s a world where he saves people with T’challa already.

  27. It's less about being humanoid, it's more that they start being specific jobs, occupations, performers and things like that. In the last 3 gens we've had wrestler, archer, spy, football player, drummer, dancer, and magician. Primarina and Skeleridge less so, but even they would fit into some kind of show or circus, design-wise.

  28. Skeledirge is a singer, so 8 out of 9

  29. You may need a new digitizer on the bottom screen. Some kids press too hard with the stylus and make a contact point that is weaker and lets near contact points trip causing wiggly lines like this. Nintendo uses adhesive to mate both the digitizer and LCD together, so if you wanted to replace it yourself, make sure you order the combo digitizer and LCD screen. Some sellers only sell the lcd screen without the digitizer and it's a pretty fragile piece to take apart.

  30. Ah that’s brilliant advice, I was confused on the difference between the two. I’m still debating whether it’s worth the trouble of replacing because it’s still very possible to use, it’s just that typing in particular is hard (fuck me if I wanna press the letter “o” lol)

  31. Literally eggs were Pokémon in Gen1 and they evolve into a damn tree, I don’t know why people are so confused by keys and ice cream.

  32. Personally I’m exited for my Annihilape amiibo! :)

  33. Damn, that’s cool! How’d you make it?

  34. Ohh woah I see it now that I zoomed in. The stars you left are a really cool touch!

  35. Mark Hamill as Director Clavell feels like a shockingly good fit now I think about it. Imagine him trying to sound young voicing Clive. He’d have so much fun!

  36. Ooh now that you mention it, that could work well too, though I haven’t seen him in any less serious roles?

  37. Bro what are you on, it’s clearly Leia’s clothes

  38. Literal goals, here I am scared to buy a skirt

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