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  1. Good, I’ve always been anti nurse, now he will get exposed on main stage

  2. I saw this in cinemas, it reallyyy wasn’t bad, prob second best one after Aladdin. Halle did a great job but yeah I guess it did affect for non black viewers to go

  3. Finding dory, monsters university and the incredibles 2 weren’t good movies imo

  4. We’re not paying Siakam 180-200 million and og a max contract next off season

  5. We really could have shaedon sharpe but masai got such hard on for these players he drafted

  6. Pascal Siakam, third in scoring, second in shot attempts and third in assists for the Raptors in the 2020 playoffs was the first option?

  7. That’s not saying much at all, as that was our craptors era

  8. Have you seen Scottie Barnes stats in his freshman year?

  9. If we can get a second first round pick from a og trade, why not?

  10. There is parity, it’s just we’re not apart of that parity hahah

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