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  1. Congratulations Whats your timeline?

  2. My status got update to “Fingerprints taken” on 10/17 and on 10/21 my I-751 case got approved. I filed my I-751 in July 2021 and N400 in June 2022. Here is my I-751 case timeline:

  3. I did the same. Didn't help. My 24 months extension is expiring next month and USCIS have been sitting on my application forever!

  4. Thank you! ✨ Have you heard anything from USCIS?

  5. The world will end when our star (sun) explodes and consumes it.

  6. I think its a lot sooner than that

  7. Series of unexplainable stuff Un natural events

  8. Oops 😅 forgot i added that there. You’re very familiar with the cuisine, are you Syrian or Lebanese by any chance?

  9. I am Jordanian/ Palestinian My mom makes it too but she is back home

  10. My late uncle migrated to Irbid years ago. As a result i have allot of cousins/2nd cousins across Jordan. I love musakhan by the way 😋 Never tried mansaf or jmeed.

  11. Thats nice. You are missing a lot. I had mansaf today its was good.

  12. Are you talking from a cave, Theres a whole lot of echo.

  13. Feel like I wanna just talk to someone

  14. Nice, the writing part is amazing and not appreciated as it should be, I would love it if some one wrote me a letter, old school and mailed it to me

  15. If you're white then this is some pathetic, self-deprecating performative white guilt to seem like a super ally. Gross. Not just you, I see it all the time.

  16. Big media is generally misleading. Local media is more trustworthy and reachable.

  17. How do you get your international news right

  18. Try to be around fun or funny people Watch some stand up comedy Roast shows And try to say what you have watched

  19. T rex Because I cant spell any other dino

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