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  1. I love the MS chicken patties and nuggets but their sausage stuff was awful. Someone said they changed the formula so maybe they used to be great but honestly they are gross.

  2. Impossible sausage is fantastic. Try the impossible breakfast sandwich from Starbucks. The sausage is so juicy and realistic

  3. It looks comfy but anything remotely warm looks good at the moment. We are keeping our heat at 68F or below and I'm freezing

  4. Turn it up a degree or get a space heater! You deserve to be comfy in your own home

  5. Drew talks to me I laugh cause it’s just so funny

  6. It’s funny cause she can’t see anyone when he’s with her! Not that what he said was funny

  7. I adore "Now you hang from my lips like the Gardens of Babylon. With your boots beneath my bed, forever is the sweetest con."

  8. Yes! Such a good go-to. If I’m in a rush I just order two of these burritos to eat while I’m driving. Normally after one I’m full so I can save the second for another meal.

  9. Wow, is it really that long? I read it a few years ago and loved it. I thought it was like 300 xD It just flew by. Riveting is exactly the word. Thank you though. I’m considering it for a reread. Maybe I will.

  10. Check out his new book Fairy Tale if you enjoyed 11/22/63!! I really enjoyed both.

  11. Interesting. I was considering Fairy Tale, but wasn't sure if it would be the King I like or the King I'm not such a fan of.

  12. The writing style felt very similar to 11/22/63. Even the premise is a little similar — a regular person leaving our world for an alternate version.

  13. Thanks! I’ve been putting this off because I thought it would be time consuming, but it only took a few minutes.

  14. {{Our Wives Under the Sea}} this is one of my favorite reads of this year. It’s dark and a little spooky but also emotional and otherworldly

  15. If anyone is available and interested, please go to the homecoming parade today and bring a sign to show Cass we all support her. Bring a sign!

  16. Im not too familiar with the Mariemont area, where would you suggest parking / watching the parade?

  17. There are strip malls with plenty of parking right across the street from the high school.

  18. I really like him. I like the enthusiasm he brings to the role. He does his job well and he’s a likable guy.

  19. Trust me, no one cares. Everyone is focused on their own practice and own their own stuff, and so you should be too. I suggest getting there a bit early, like 15-20 minutes before class starts, and set up in the back corner of the room, that way you can watch all the more experienced yogis in front of you and don't have to worry as much about eyes being on you, but again, if you knew how self-obsessed most people are and how little they think of others, you'd stop worrying. Just go, don't overthink it, just get your ass in that room, and the rest will take care of itself. You'll be glad you did.

  20. You may not want to be in the corner if your class does any poses facing the side walls! Then you’re suddenly in the front and can’t see the teacher well. The back middle is where it’s at.

  21. As if that couple will ever have a need in the world that isn’t already met

  22. Haha I’m with you. I’m pretty sure I already know who the bachelor is but I can check in the morning

  23. 11 years here! It’s truly second nature. I don’t see myself ever going back, especially with how easy it is to get meat substitutes these days!

  24. I live off breakfast burritos. I make tater tots or hash browns, cook eggs, add American cheese, and I don’t eat bacon but it would be amazing in there with the Pueblo Lindo burrito tortillas.

  25. I love putting a whole hash brown patty in my breakfast burrito!

  26. Dunkin needs to be taking steps to bring more customers in. Not make them leave. I already have no reason to go to dunkin anymore since the consistency is atrocious. Now I won’t even go to use the occasional reward or birthday freebie

  27. I think the consistency is probably tied to turnover. That seems to be the case at my backup Dunkin anyway. The one I normally go to just has a husband and wife working and I think they're the franchisees. She always gets my drink right and remembers my likes. I'll probably keep going because of her 😩

  28. It definitely is, and I don’t blame the employees. I had a friend who worked at Dunkin and she said they hardly trained on anything. People would make the drinks however they felt like it because they never got real training. I’m sure the owners are doing their best too. It’s just not a good system right now

  29. so you reckon the timer is only applicable/accurate for those who live in adam’s timezone?😭

  30. I mean if it has 13 hours left on it, that’s going to be 13 hours for everyone, regardless of time zone

  31. How is this site? Interested to hear your experience and earnings

  32. A few summers ago when I was between jobs I made ~$20 a day on MTurk working a few hours a day. Definitely not comparable to a real job but it’s very easy and better than nothing if you’re unemployed. It can be challenging to get your account approved though … they decline a lot of accounts for no reason, other than that they have enough users with your demographics

  33. There was a meme a few years ago that was something like “Only today, your age+year of birth will equal ‘what ever year it was’” and people were flipping out over this like it was some sort of sorcery.

  34. That’s essentially the meme she posted but she completely missed the fact that it’s a meme and was mind blown

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