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  1. Doesn't really work how she tried to make them cute, but I could see a clown dancer rocking these in the club

  2. I think the evil of a foul 9 is felt in their ability to minimise how others' affect them. They will sit back and watch as your protagonist suffers, perhaps wishing to end the suffering, but instead disassociating from it.

  3. I've always found her gorgeous, but im obsessed with nice hooded eyes (having them myself). She's an 8.75 for me

  4. I thought this was the human of newyork who was dealing out thousands of orgasms

  5. SECOND ONE! I’m sorry but I think the first one’s top kinda has the shape of overalls with the open side , and the top and bottom look like two different dresses attached together . The second one fits you like a glove and the back is stunning !!!

  6. I see what you mean, but I love that it's unusual, and that she pulls it off

  7. Try taking a break from it. Unsubscribe for a bit. Just don't expose yourself to anything enneagram. And come back to it when you need it, not while you feel like it's become an addiction. I like taking breaks, and I need to enforce it. But it's not too hard so long as I'm not exposed at all

  8. I get that. I also get a lot of joy out of it while also feeling like it's an unhealthy obsession at times for me, too. I kind of think because it's a fairly private obsession for me, it creates a sort of shameful attachment to it, which just seems to add to its addictive nature. But unsubscribing and avoiding it in my algorithms limits my exposure and thus dissipates its presence in my mind, so hopefully that can help you too

  9. Totally relate. I just started at a new workplace and I can't seem to help but mentally catalogue all the people I'm interested in, even though I love my partner and would never cheat, my mind wanders.

  10. I like the look of them, but I dont think they'd look that great on. Weird heel shapes always throw me for some reason... nothing is as sexy as a simple spike 🤷🏼‍♀️

  11. It didn't happen to me, but a girl I work with once had a guy book our most expensive VIP room for 3 hrs, then when he got to the room it wasn't as private as he expected it to be 🤢 so he left, then called the club the next day and demanded a refund. The club ended up taking the money from the girl... needless to say, she quit immediately after

  12. Yes, it's a terrible do, but I find it kind of cute how much Leo and Ari look like their grandma in these pictures. And Ari has such a cute bright personality, she actually reminds me a lot of Ginielle (not that I knew her, but they give off similar vibes)

  13. hard agree ab HH being catered towards pole girlies. i know lots of girls love them but ugh half the styles are sooo uglyyyy to me😭😭😭 like the marble ones straight up look like white boots w skid marks all over them in my humble opinion LMAO

  14. Agreed, but I love their new glitterati sandels. They're super comfy and mould to fit your feet way better than their clear tops

  15. I’ve been told Louise from Bobs Burgers is an 8w7, and that’s def something I can get behind; her sense of Justice, her zeal for life and intense experiences, her hatred of vulnerability, it’s all there

  16. Shes one of my favourite 8s, too. Lil healthy 8s are pretty much the best thing ever

  17. Did Bale get chin implants between pics 2 and 4 or something?

  18. Yeah, I think he's just a lil chubbier there, too

  19. Can I just add to this: if you're also that girl that is overly generous, don't be surprised when people just freely use your things. Like, I know it's shitty behaviour, but it's just the way things work; I've never met a generous dancer who didn't end up complaining to me about her shit always being used up by other dancers

  20. She's using the sexual attraction to pull you into her pimp situation. Do not go there

  21. Never mind his eyes, are we not going to talk about how he uses a filter when doing face time for family meetings

  22. Thats hilarious! I kind of get doing that for TV, but still, we're all seeing him warts and all in hd anyway. And, how much has he just given up on setting a good example for his kids? 😥

  23. Robin taught him to DARVO. There's no need to put in the work to set a good example when you can just say, "I'm trying to do the right thing here, but nobody else will cooperate with me. If everyone just stayed home and followed my rules, I'd be able to come visit. I have to protect my tenders. Nobody cares about protecting MY TENDERS!"

  24. Ugh, this show just gets more and more painful to watch when you see the bullshit for what it is

  25. Agreed. He's an 8 max, but I find him more cute than conventionally attractive

  26. She reminds me so much of Phoebe Tonkin and Bella Heathcote. All 3 of them land around the 8 mark IMO

  27. Im grateful I was an ugly duckling, and appreciate being attractive now, but I also think if I'd stayed less attractive, I probably wouldve pursued a career by now instead of making my money from a time-sensitive resource

  28. How dare you attack my art. You don't know what it's like to be this deep without the ability to stand up to any criticism of my intelligence. Learn to interpret my watercolour tears, and you will find yourself inferior, my friend.

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