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  1. Watching Being the Elite makes me really like the Bucks, but I still don't enjoy their matches. I think maybe I just don't..get it.

  2. There's not a single thing my parents kept lol. My mom ran over the table I built in woodshop.

  3. You ever read that book, “Put Me in the Zoo”? 😂

  4. Was looking for this comment. I loved that book. Used to read it every night.

  5. Well when both my arms were broken I was in my room with my mom when..

  6. He's definitely dressed as Eric Draven and not Sting. The hand wraps, stomach wrap, and shotgun are all straight from the movie.

  7. Seems pretty clear that the title was a joke.

  8. It was more for the people in comments not understanding the details.

  9. How do you manage calories? I suppose I don't specifically know how much I'm taking in every day I just try to be healthy and nutritious without over eating.

  10. First of all, go to Google and search up "BMR Calculator". This will give a calorie intake which your body requires. In order to loose fat in a healthy way, your daily calorie intake should be (BMR - 500) calories. For most people it is around 1200-1500 Cal. Now You should download any Calorie tracking app and try to track your calories. Eventually you will get used to how much intake you need without the help of tracking app. Also try to do Low Carb - low sugar -High protein diet.

  11. Not generally a great idea to let your dog drink from a pond

  12. I've heard so many stories of dogs dying hours after ingesting bacteria from a pond. It scares the hell out of me because my dog drinks from any water source he sees even if just for a lick. He loves to try every puddle, bowl, or anything he sees outside the house.

  13. He went through all that trouble and didn’t even season the food.

  14. One time I cummed when dry humping and it was really embarrassing.

  15. Hell yeah. Your bod is sick if you farted during sex I'd just pretend you didn't.

  16. In 20 years of watching MMA I've never seen anything like that. Absolutely insane by both of them. So much gas in the tank. My arms and legs (and brain) would've been spaghetti 20 seconds in.

  17. I feel like YB never wrestle like this in AEW. This match was ALL storytelling and it was perfection. In AEW they just do spots. I honestly can't even watch their matches anymore because they're just so ridiculous.

  18. At least be consistent. I don't like this match, or most modern tag matches for being spot fests. None of those matches are FTR vs the Briscoes or 80s NWA or even late attitude era. But why is this spotfest different from their AEW spotfests?

  19. I'm not sure what you mean. I don't think their matches with the golden lovers were spotfest type matches. I think they were 4 insanely athletic and talented guys so cool spots happened throughout, but ultimately the story was the best thing about the match. AEW is trying to get back to some cool storytelling now, but the matches don't usually have much to them.

  20. Battletech is pretty good. Very similar to XCOM (not just the combat).

  21. Stunt work and casting are two pieces of the industry that get no love at mainstream award shows. Crazy to me.

  22. How does anyone survive in LA with less than 40k a year?

  23. This isn't going to get any love because I think I'm the only person who watched it but there was a show called Lights Out about a past his prime boxer and I thought it was fantastic. Only had one season and a very dark ending.

  24. I could watch that show forever if they kept making it. It's so fucking good.

  25. Damnit. France is so cool. In America I feel like they've so easily won. Everyone just points the finger at each other. I want to dump garbage on them!

  26. Claudio at least trying to give him ice at the end although it was the wrong arm.

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