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  1. The best is yet to come , hold on friend

  2. The only polygamy I support , and that's coming from a Muslim. I also have C3 on my bike , those are game changers , got 15 K miles and they still look & ride like a fresh set

  3. All Turkish meer carvers make commissioned pipes .

  4. Drink pickle juice if you want to , we're not here to judge. Enjoy mate

  5. I’ve only had the hiking but both the solani and Macbarren are on my list. It’s the only burly I’ve had but I would buy it given my experience. Was a really nice flake for sure.

  6. If you enjoyed the Hiking you differently going to love ABF & HH burley flake

  7. Have you tried Nashville county or makhuwa by hu tobacco? Awesome German burley blends.

  8. Makhuwa is great blend 👌

  9. احترم جدا احتفاظك برباطه جأشك وعدم تسرعك في اظهار الغضب . ممايدل أنك تحترم والديك وأيضاً احسنت الظن فيهم بألانتظار . انا من المؤيدين لمبدأ الكتاب المفتوح ( أصلح الشرخ قبل أن يتمدد في الجدار ) في جميع علاقاتي الاجتماعية . حاول أن تستسفر من نبع الحنان ( الوالده ) ووضح لها أن الموضوع أشعرك بالضيقه وعدم المساواة ، وهل يوجد عذر مناسب للمنع لكي ارتاح واتصالح مع الموضوع . لأنك مثل ما اوضحت الموضوع ترك عتبات اضافيه على علاقتك بعائلتك ، وهنا وقعنا في مشكله أخرى - نجوت بالهروب من العقوق فوقعت في قطع صله الرحم .

  10. Half-moon knifes have a semi circular blade and are traditionally used for leather cutting and thinning. But any knife or blade should do the trick if they're reasonable thin, sharp and you can put your weight on.

  11. Looked it up ,looks like a midevil weapon 😅

  12. They are in a way dangerous. Since they are used by pushing instead of pulling. One of the tips is pressed into the leather and then the knife is pushed away from you. That way, even rather thick leather can be cut. I slipped once and sliced my left index finger lengthwise for about and inch long and several mm deep.

  13. Ouch . That's a no no , I'm clumsy near dangerous objects

  14. Command & conquer : red alert 2

  15. I used to smoke cigarettes with my dentist on his break . Before he yanked my wisdom teeth he said , no straws , hot drinks and cigs for at least 2 weeks .

  16. Pipe smoking newbie here, I’ve only got my first pipe (a MM Legend). Slowly beginning to enjoy this hobby, might just add the Country Gentleman to form a rotation soon.

  17. I have a legend too , its a great smoker . Not a bad idea too add another cob in the rotation

  18. The burley combination is very nutty. The added virginia gives it a slight hint of sweetness & the Orientals adds a perique like peppery taste/feel towards the final third of the bowl. It is topped with a coco flavour that starts midum and vanishes gradually. The nic hit is a notch above medium. Tasty blend that I use to change the base and spice up the rotation

  19. That's a good fun combination, enjoy! .

  20. My 2 year old son took advantage of my unlocked phone 😅

  21. It just totally destroyed my sense of taste and smell. For a while all blends tasted very strange. It took quite a while to recover.

  22. Glad to hear you fully recovered

  23. I had Covid last month, I started having the first symptoms a few days before Christmas and tested negative December 31st. I think I'm starting to get my taste for tobacco smoke back. Right after Covid (I did not smoke during that time and confined myself to nicotine pouches) I couldn't taste anything. I would smoke a few cigarettes a day, but I didn't taste those, either -- I rolled in menthol filters because I still could taste menthol. I tried a pipe every few days and eventually, I was able to detect flavor in Royal Yacht. Since today, I am able to detect flavor in EMP as well.

  24. That's a good news. the first blends that comes back for me were the dark fired ones , and that took almost 3 months , the burley and Virginia took almost 6 moths , English blend are still weird even after the 1 year mark

  25. I just got my own rusticated Peterson , smoked it for the first time. It was great.

  26. Thank you , enjoy yours ;)

  27. I do love Irish Flake but have never bothered to cellar enough to age. Hmmm... perhaps it is time to change that. How does the aged stuff compare to fresh?

  28. Never had it fresh , but this one is pretty good .

  29. It's a crossbones, the dog couldn't resist ! . Minor damages, don't let it ruin your family gathering

  30. So researching that pipe apparently it is the same shape as the 307. I have the spigot system 307 and wanted to get the same pipe you have but the only 2 available in 9mm were sold real quick 😭

  31. Yup they were sold fast on every site, specially the filtered once , but I was lucky to find it on GQ tobacco UK

  32. Haha omg it was you 🤣 I was going to buy that on pay day and then it was gone. Then checked my smoking shop and sold as well.. omg that is so awesome. Nice to meet you my nemesis

  33. Sorry mate 😅 . Glad to meet someone who shares my same taste of pipes .

  34. Who would want that shity patch ! . I mean for real , the 1%er culture should be over decades ago .

  35. يعني الطريق سليم و يوصل لمنفذ سلوى؟

  36. على حد علمي لا ، لازال عليه يافطات (الطريق مغلق !) . عند كبري العقير - الهفوف . لكن

  37. Yes, I’m from Al Hofuf and used this route many times

  38. هذا طريق العقير - سلوى . مش الهفوف سلوى

  39. It is Christmas 2022 copper spigot , shape 107

  40. Great shot ! . eye for an eye 🖕🏽

  41. You got the real 90s filter

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