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We should place a curfew forcing everyone to sleep/stay home at night.

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  1. My ex did the same thing to me. I was a demon though, and supposedly system-hopped into a minor's body and fronted while they were in the shower.

  2. I can't imagine a more distracting student to have in class. What about all the other students just trying to get through school and maybe learn something? They just have to sit through this bullshit?

  3. I'm basically certain that nobody in this server has had an interaction with cops that was bad enough to make them a blacklisted topic.

  4. Imagine seeing a family with 4 kids and feeling SUSPICIOUS... some people need to find a hobby and stop looking for problems with other people

  5. I have hobbies, and I also have independent thoughts. If you go outside you'll see families, and then in your head you can form opinions about them. It's pretty cool.

  6. Not according to the men who deny birth control to their women, force pregnancies and cause her to stay home

  7. Those men should get castrated. Spare the whole world their stupidity getting passed on to the next generation.

  8. Eye masks for sleeping exist, though I'm guessing this guy would think that's gay or some shit.

  9. Imagine raising and caring for a child, only for them to run to their freakshow friends online and say you're treating them like a slave because you asked them to wear closed-toed shoes.

  10. michael afton introject, i can feel it from the pizza emoji

  11. I'm thinking Michelangelo from TMNT, judging by the orange heart.

  12. "The way bright-colored fish intrigue children." They're really gonna compare themselves to a toddler with their face smeared against a fish tank on purpose? How does that insult anyone here? They're posting it like it's such a burn too, not even gonna talk about "self-appointed spokesperson" of a fucking Discord server. Christ, go join an after-school club or something.

  13. And they pretend they're a Christian state

  14. They are a Christian state, this is a perfect display of it. No hate like Christian love.

  15. My first thought was that it wouldn't cause any endometriosis flare-ups.

  16. We gonna talk about the "Mass Anxiety?" Also that poor girlfriend that'll have to support their ass full-time.

  17. This what happens when we think all homeless people are perfect normal people that are just down on their luck. "If we just give them somewhere to stay, they'll get better!!1!" No, now they're just gonna do drugs indoors and wait in the corners of hotels to bust into guest's rooms to rape them. Maids will get raped or murdered, they'll get tons of diseases from used needles and bodily fluids. And who the fuck is gonna rent a hotel where they chick in the next room is screaming insanity and banging on walls and doors, smearing her own shit everywhere?

  18. It would pull through the elevator unit door and be hanging in the shaft obviously. It's only going to be a few mills thick so it's unlikely to get stuck on the door.

  19. Retractable leashes like that have those huge thick handles tho. A regular leash would do that, yeah, but not the retractable kind.

  20. Some things I'm not seeing the top comments mentioning:

  21. I dunno what kind of doc would write in my file that I have multiple sexual partners. That combined with the hypersexuality feels a little

  22. I'm not a huge fan, simply because I can't imagine wanting strangers to know my medical business. If I get overstimulated and can't talk or look at people, I'd rather they think I'm just a weirdo than know that I'm autistic and start patronizing me. It really is nobody's business, and I know for a fact that people won't be any more patient just because you're advertising your disability. All you're doing is putting a target on yourself.

  23. Same, it's just kinda natural to use "we" for myself. These kids would probably call that proof of us being systems.

  24. Oh I know this guy, saw his vids years ago. He definitely has something going on, but likely not DID. He says he's done tons of shadow work to seamlessly switch between alters with very little memory loss. Used to post videos of him screaming and crying as he went through flashbacks, pretty gut-wrenching stuff.

  25. If I took everything as personally as people like this do, I'd take myself out. Everything is about and against you? How do these dumbasses manage?

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