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  1. Gotta see the inside thooo 🥵 (This emoji is the closest one I have to "hungry")

  2. Thunderblight is easy if you just don't fight him how you're supposed to. I just stayed away from him and shot a bunch of bomb arrows at him and dodge/parried attacks and it worked.

  3. Why are you touching it if you're not going to pick it up and take it inside? You are only going to cause further injury and terror. There are numbers you can call. Leave it where it is or take it in.

  4. Farosh blade. Just fuse a farosh horn to a good sword. Very durable, does a shit ton of damage. The one I had did 72 damage when on your last heart, and 44 normally. The electricity also paralyzes enemies for a moment.

  5. I'm pretty sure I would burn my hair if someone put 33 candles on my cake 🤔

  6. There's candles with the number on it though like candles that say "33"

  7. That's the point, maybe there was no numbered candles, and these were what they had on hand.

  8. 100% would be stopping in for a slice. this is awesome. their employees are awesome and they deserve for their efforts to be recognized.

  9. I found that guy in Hateno who needs three acorns. Checked my inventory and saw that I had one...

  10. I honestly don't give a fuck about graphics as long as the game is playable I dont know why people care that the game looks a few years old

  11. Never heard the term manniversary but that is hilarious. Congrats!! The cake looks pretty good too.

  12. Yes definitely. That is a pretty big gut which can be quite dangerous. What does his diet look like?

  13. his daily diet includes; unlimited amount of orchard grass 6-8 tablespoons of pellets one fingernail size treat (apple, banana etc.) greens (parsley, dill and lettuce mainly)

  14. The pellets could very well be the problem. Do they have oat or alfalfa hay in them? An adult rabbit shouldn't have any alfalfa in their diet, and oat anything causes weight gain. Also, 1/4 cup or less is all they need, and 8 tablespoons is a 1/2 cup. You could also be overfeeding greens a tad. I was doing that by accident and when I cut down my rabbit returned to a normal weight.

  15. Someone said pepper and I think that's actually perfect and soooo cute

  16. Straight lines are a lot harder than I expected! And the consistency of the icing was a bit of a mess on some colours. But I had a lot of fun regardless on this decorating project

  17. I mean, they're pride flags. You can just say they're not straight on purpose.

  18. Great point. Must have somehow gotten fiber… maybe treats?

  19. There's actually lots of fiber in carrots lmao, the issue is the sugar kind of offsetting it. More sugar than fiber = gi stasis. I guess ONLY eating carrots and no treats is what kept him alive. Otherwise the sugar would have been too much.

  20. I realize this is my own past trauma speaking, but I highly suggest a vet visit for an extremely thirsty bunny. We lost our last rabbit to an infection caused by contaminated food or litter (an infection only carried by rodents). His only symptom was drinking a lot until he was unable to stand and went into shock. By then it was vet after hours and we have no after hours bunny vets in my area. I realize just because a bun is thirsty doesn't mean it's a problem, but if it seems like a lot of water, I'd get it checked out.

  21. I forgot to update! Thank you so much for the tip, I was definitely watching VEEERY closely after hearing that, but he returned back to normal pretty soon. Maybe he just ate a lot of hay & happened to be really thirsty that day. But he is in perfect health! I was just being paranoid lmao.

  22. I feel like you touched his foot right before you took this

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