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  1. I switched to metal clips and things for heavy hair after breaking way too many of these

  2. Ok, I really thought this version was discontinued. another issue is that I live overseas now so I’m not able to find this brand anyways. thanks for letting me know :)

  3. I’m so so sorry that she treated you that way when you were so young, it’s heartbreaking. That’s extremely harmful, and a complete mind fuck honestly. I went through the same thing with my mom as well. She always hated her body and continues to do so. I was put on a diet at 12, way too young.

  4. YES! I was thinking of making a post like this to share what I do. I make herbal spliffs all the time! Not only does it make my flower last longer, but I really enjoy the process. It's sort of a ritual for me? I like choosing between my herbal blends, picking out the wrap, and being mentally present during the process. The come up is much slower too and the effects from the other herbs are subtle but the flavor is delightful.

  5. this is so amazing, thank you much for sharing this!!!! I love red raspberry leaf as tea and will definitely try it in my spliffs. these are all great suggestions !!

  6. I've smoked Damiana, Wild Lettuce (different plant from what you eat), lavender, passion flower, marshmallow root, and water plantain/"mad dog weed"

  7. Interesting!! Passion flower sounds lovely I will need to try both that and the wild damiana.

  8. for the meatballs there was 600g of ground chicken, chopped medium white onion, 4 minced cloves of fresh garlic, and a heavy handful of both sage and parsley minced. Everything was an experiment so I was just winging the measurements. If you wanted to make it more Greek tasting you could add minced dill instead of sage, my grocery store was out of fresh dill so I went for sage instead.

  9. Thanks so much! Yes it was delicious :)

  10. this makes me so ashamed to be from Idaho. he is disgusting.

  11. Wtf I had no idea :( midsommar is one of my absolute favorite movies ughhhhhhhh

  12. Milk chocolate or dark chocolate peanut butter cups are always my favorite

  13. I love peanut butter cups, this is a great idea

  14. might be already known, but my favorite french song is écoute chérie by vendredi sur mer :)

  15. J’adore vendredi sur mer !!! J'irai à son concert samedi prochain

  16. I’m 5’11 and my best friend is 4’11 and she eats nothing and when we are together I feel like a giant

  17. Discs have virtually no risk of removal. Cup has a bigger one but I used it without issues. If it helps I got a disc last cycle and prefer it over my cup which I find quite hard to remove bc I have a high cervix. I have the Hello Disc so there's a loop sitting outside of me. I'd recommend the Hello Disc for the loop or the Lumma disc (I haven't used it) bc it has a tail sitting outside of you. Saalt does make a disc.

  18. I also have a high cervix, I used to use cups as well and I have found discs to be much more comfortable for me. I love the Lumma disc!! Also they give you two for the price of one so you can experiment with sizes and see what fits you best.

  19. I applied for a family reunification visa in Vaud, not Bern, and it took 3 months. I think that changing cantons during processing would be quite complicated, they would have to review everything again. For example, even now that I have my visa, if I was to move to another canton there would be mountains of paperwork that is required to register there. I’m not certain about Bern, It’s specific from canton to canton how much time it takes, but when transferred it will take longer. In the end, I needed a lawyer to help me process all of the documents and communicate with the government because it was so overwhelming. Good luck to you and your spouse!

  20. I tried it for a few months and didn’t see any improvement. I’m not sure if i was just purging but it made me break out really badly. I like cerave but this retinol isn’t great imo

  21. I can never figure out how the light there, especially this time of year looks both silver and golden!!

  22. Yes last night was gorgeous. Both silver and gold, then the sun set and it was all violet.

  23. Oh my goodness they are delightful 😍😍😍

  24. i think you have to pay pretty much everywhere. at my apartment we pay extra for our parking spot and other people I know all do the same. that’s how it is living in the city…

  25. Idk what your price range is for underwear, I don’t like to spend much on clothes, but I make the exception for underwear, I have transitioned over to Knickey, and have not been disappointed. Besides the elastic, they use 95% organic cotton. They have a lot of different colors and styles.

  26. Knickeys are the besssttt!!! The high waisted brief is amazing. A bit expensive but worth it

  27. I should have grabbed a pair of those, next time I will try them

  28. I abuse mine and dry them in the dryer and have never had an issue.

  29. I posted this question a few weeks ago, maybe this will help you out :)

  30. You’re welcome, good luck to you! May we both find a doctor who will sterilize us :)

  31. I feel like it’s hard to find, maybe I’ve just had bad luck though

  32. lol I’ve lived here for 7 months and have yet to find any

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