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  1. I’ve had 5 molars extracted. My Dad had issues with his teeth so I’m not entirely sure it’s related to my Crohn’s.

  2. I had a really positive experience. I don’t find them painful or uncomfortable and can easily get away with 22 hours. Just finished my initial treatment and am moving into refinements.

  3. I apparently live in Hell because water that feels warm and comfortable to me is apparently scalding not to both my kids lol

  4. Looks fine except the angle of the teeth are a bit straight, at 90 degrees it seems instead of 105. Did you have extractions? If so normal after extractions

  5. I'm missing some molars, but not due to orthodontic treatment

  6. Looks great! Can we see a before how long does 15 trays take x

  7. My resection was one of the worst things I’ve gone through.

  8. Can you share more about this? I may be having it done soon I'm scared

  9. Mine was emergency exploratory surgery. I didn’t know I was having Crohn’s flares and it wore a hole in my lower intestine. I had a laparotomy, so a 6 inch vertical incision, since they didn’t know what they were going to find. I had my ilium removed. Recovery was hard because my incision opened up.

  10. Sitting at a table of 8th grade boys...sounds like you dodged a bullet.

  11. I have two boys - almost 8 and 3. I shower with 3 year old. 8 year old showers by himself but I still will walk into the bathroom naked in front of him. I'm his Mom. Bodies are ok.

  12. I was more than halfway through my treatment when I found out I was pregnant with #3. Of course, with my luck, I ended up with HG this pregnancy so the Invisalign has been rough. Not being able to snack to keep the nausea at bay and brushing my teeth always makes me puke. Every pregnancy is different, though, so you may not have nausea.

  13. People who cry “invasion of privacy” always have something to hide. Not necessarily cheating, but something they don’t want their partner to see.

  14. No. Kids are almost 8 and 3. I usually will point out "hey! it's your half birthday!" but that's it.

  15. Stop chemically straightening your hair. Your roots are your natural curl pattern. Cut off the damage and grow out your natural hair.

  16. Yeah, because a shampoo is really going to alter your curl pattern lol

  17. My now almost 8 year old contact slept/napped and sleeps in his own bed, in his own room. Snuggle those babies.

  18. Hey Skin Twin! Our breakouts are identical. Mine are 100% hormonal. Stick with the Spiro, I’ve heard great things about it. Tret did nothing for me aside from irritate a problem that was occurring from the inside out.

  19. I'm 4 months post partum and the hair loss is so rough... It's definitely noticeable when it's an "unhealthy" amount. Hair EVERYWHERE. I literally cannot stop shedding unless I wash it out every day and it's thinned to the point where you can see the scalp real well.

  20. My hairline, around my temples, really took a beating.

  21. My teeth are whiter because I brush them after everything I eat. I will not be getting whitening

  22. Legit had a barking dog going bananas inside of Dunkin Donuts a few months ago. They let it's owner just order and carry on like nothing was happening. It was so weird.

  23. My hair shrinks a lot too, but because of expansion. I get lots of volume but lose length.

  24. My bite was fine so I only did upper as my bottom teeth were straight.

  25. My son had to have the formula that was formulated without the protein

  26. You're not taking into account the husband's salary. Just because him working 70-80 hours a week is a livable income doesn't mean her part time income would subsidize him dropping one job.

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