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Putin grants Russian citizenship to U.S. whistleblower Edward Snowden

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  1. We’d probably respond without pillaging and raping our way across Mexico.

  2. Gatineau is the saddest Canadian city I've ever visited. That includes Winnipeg and Windsor.

  3. fast casual restaurant cashiers who act weird after i press the no tip button

  4. Ordered a 6 dollar small latte from a local café, the kid said "I appreciate it" all snarky after I didn't tip. Motherfucker all you do is place a cup and then press a button on a machine don't act like you deserve 20% of the cost of my already overpriced coffee

  5. thankfully most of that labor is hard enough that people like that won’t follow through longer than one clout-chasing season

  6. Took one summer of every night after work to try and use a shovel to turn over about a 15'x15' patch of grass to grow a small garden(because I was broke and didn't want to spend any money on it). Felt like working in a gulag. Then a pack of deer are all of the veggies. I definitely gained more gratitude for being able to pick fresh veg from the grocery store

  7. Eh, being held by the CIA as ahigh profile criminal is probably better than being in the Russian army.

  8. Guantanamo is actually a holiday resort TIL

  9. hahaha you're so right! I also agree with this take!

  10. I’m sorry for your loss. sounds like he enjoyed his time here

  11. For sure. One time he brought me to a card tournament (uker for those interested) and got pissed because I was terrible at the game lol.

  12. fuck youre right, my skill is on par with my spelling

  13. Anyone remember the shoplifting sub that used to exist? I remember seeing that little trick there lol

  14. Damn that's rough. If someone ghosts you after a good date then something is prolly worng with them anyways

  15. She had on her profile that she's a very emotional person and queer women first dates are like trauma dumping anyway, so probably

  16. Huh I'm now coming to the conclusion that I have no experience in queer women dtaes and I never will be able to garner said experience. I wish you the best of luck. Although trauma dumping on a first date sounds intense.

  17. Every Asian girl I've dated was very up front about wanting to date white guys, but as soon as the blue bird app opens on their phone it's "fuck yt people" this and that. Not sure what it is about social media, but people just flip a switch on when the app opens.

  18. Find an Asian chick who only posts on CCP verified social media

  19. Some Asian dudes find Lucy Lu unattractive.

  20. She's all over this thread, calling men who like rough sex misogynists and she's an

  21. Actually a very real phenomenon among tribal people. There’s this tribe in Amazon that puts a string that keeps their dick towards their body and when they lose the string they feel embarrassed - as if they’re naked

  22. Reminds me of that greentext about the guy who would put a tampon in his ass and tie the string around his dick to prevent visible boners lmao

  23. Azerbaijani's just launched a missile barrage at some Armenians

  24. I wonder how many troops Russia and Ukraine have on the borders outside of the active fighting zones

  25. do know having a car doesn't stop you from riding a bike as well, right?

  26. I suspect this guy knows a lot better than any of us that this isn't a movie.

  27. he literally had a show where he was acted as the president of Ukraine lmao

  28. Wait why are you bringing up the black dwarf? Lol, and who are you speaking for since your second point isn’t even gleaned on in the OP.

  29. Go to Home Depot in a sundress or call my mom (she always answers)

  30. Literally have no reason to lie. You're the only one convinced that I am. You are really angry about this.

  31. what do you guys fucking work together?

  32. I love to be called "NPC" or "philosophical zombie" or "stochastic parrot" by any of the dozens of podcasts I parasocially subscribe to, huge dopamine hit when it happens

  33. Agreed and every time I get my hair cut by a dude they start talking about Need for Speed idk why

  34. Was she Asian? My go to hairdresser is Chinese and she absolutely does not hold back criticism wise.

  35. I went to a Korean barber a few weeks after bleaching my hair and wanted it cut off. She convinced me to get some frosted tips, kept saying how cool it was gonna be.

  36. Why is everyone here 24? Are you all just playing a joke on me??? Literally every single one of you is 24

  37. It means to punish them in perpetuity, constantly and harshly, without respite dogging them for the rest of their natural life

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