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  1. Sydney has zero place on this list. It isn’t even the best in Australia.

  2. I can’t speak in absolutes but yeah, karma in the sense of stealing something and then getting into a car accident probably doesn’t exist.

  3. Gender identity can be a complex and fluid thing. They may have been working through “figuring out” who they are, that’s not the least bit abnormal.

  4. I’m not insinuating that confusion on gender identification equates to mental illness, more that mental illness can lead to confusion on gender identification. From what I’ve read (admittedly, far from an expert) there’s evidence of a causal link between mental illness and cases of gender dysphoria and afaik this was one of the arguments in Bell vs Tavistock in the UK (that many under 16s who self identified as trans and were prescribed puberty blockers were actually suffering from conditions other than gender dysphoria)

  5. The worst sort of bigotry, is bigotry that’s crouched in pseudo-intellectualism.

  6. So you believe if someone identifies as trans their feelings have to be validated, and if someone instead prescribes their feelings to a mental illness such as depression, they are a bigot?

  7. They were married right? IIRC Paulie’s goomah mentions something about their wedding and the 3 o’clock thing

  8. Yes lol. I travel solo all the time, been to plenty of museums, walking tours etc, never ever once been weird. Always a decent crowd of solo people. Met plenty of people this way on trips

  9. Kenya….? Are you getting it confused with somewhere else??

  10. Kenya’s pretty easy, I mean it’s cheap, has decent infra for SSA and isn’t swarming with backpackers. I was there 2 months ago ago, got pestered a bit by beggars in Nairobi but for the most part no problems

  11. I literally got chased down the beach by aggressive vendors in Diani Beach who were angry that i dared to walk around but wasn’t interested in what they were selling (first offered trinkets, then drugs, then sex, all from the same dudes). I then didn’t leave my resort until it was time to fly back to Nairobi, which isn’t something I’ve felt the need to do before or since. The rest of Kenya was chill AF and amazing though, even Nairobi for me, so I will be returning one day, just never again to Diani.

  12. Sorry to hear you had a rough experience. I haven’t been to Diani but I suspect if it was a resort area then it probably has a similar touting culture to other touristy places

  13. I’m not joking, my family and I took a helicopter tour in Hawaii as an excursion during a cruise. The very next week a family took that exact excursion and crashed because of some issue with the volcanos. They all passed.

  14. Funnily enough I think they’re just dangerous vehicles; my colleague was telling me the other day that someone he knew died on a heli tour, he looked into it and it’s surprisingly common so he’ll never do one himself

  15. and no one’s going to cough on me or rob me in my own car. maybe the train is just super ghetto where i live, but is a nasty, dirty, crime infested form of transit. and it doesn’t even go everywhere, so once i’m in the city i still have to walk a mile or two or take a bus or uber or something.

  16. Yeah I don’t get how people keep posting as if drunk, emotional, speeding Vito was in the right for murdering some dude checking his mail. What, cause the guy insisted on following procedure instead of taking a few hundred bucks and trusting the word of some random, sketchy dude?

  17. Spent like a month in Egypt in 2017; took a ferry to Nuweiba, climbed Mt Sinai, then Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbel before going into Sudan.

  18. I never asked for products to be made in countries with questionable ethics and laws just so big corporations can make more profit!

  19. I hope you do realise these proposals are a massive oversimplification right?

  20. Lol Putin, running the world's gas station? The one who started a war with potential disastrous effects on the climate?

  21. while there may be more or less friendly/welcoming cultures, making friends as an adult is really hard no matter where. Also not speaking the local language is usually a big handicap to make friends and integrate.

  22. Yeah I think your first sentence sums it up. Outside of work/dating apps very hard to meet people anywhere I’ve found. Doing some kind of group hobby or class has helped as well

  23. Reddit is still WIIILDLY ethocentric, and the assumption is nearly always that the topic is 'murica. It might not be in this case.

  24. Yeah, in Orthodox Christianity the wedding ring is worn on the right for example

  25. Everything that could go wrong went wrong in both of mine. Why the fuck do women make each other cry so goddamn much? Both fucking times other chicks made my date cry and my autist self couldn’t figure out what to do because I was raised to never cry or else I got hit more lol fml

  26. diff women for each prom, low key I think it might have traumatized me a bit.

  27. Incheon and Istanbul are probably my two favorite airports as well! The lounges and the showers are mmm chefs kiss

  28. IMO the Turkish Airways lounge at Istanbul could be better, the food especially was lacklustre and it’s always pretty crowded. I’ve only been to it twice though, maybe there’s another one I haven’t been to that’s better.

  29. Please don’t fall for Trump’s bullshit. Trump said that he was the best ball player in NYC as a teenager when Mickey Mantle and other superstars were playing for the Yankees. “There’s no chance,” said Keith Law of The Athletic, adding: “You don’t hit .138 for some podunk, cold-weather high school playing the worst competition you could possibly imagine. You wouldn’t even get recruited for Division I baseball programs, let alone by pro teams. That’s totally unthinkable. It’s absolutely laughable. He hit .138 — he couldn’t fucking hit, that’s pretty clear.”

  30. I mean I read that from his former high school coach. Guess the dude was biased but he didn’t seem pro trump. Also commented on how trump had a reputation as a school bully

  31. Oh, I understand. You have to investigate anything Trump says (if you care, I know some people don’t) because he’s such a bullshit merchant. Now Trump being a bully- totally believable. Apparently he once cold-cocked Jr in his college room because Jr was messing up.

  32. Ahaha this reminds me, I swear I have one of the most well travelled gaming PCs.

  33. Overpopulation is a fallacy. Birth rates plummet sharply with development; pretty much all western countries would have solidly negative population growth if not for immigration. If anything you’re actually helping society by having more children because the ratio of working age to elderly is falling.

  34. Are American school showers really open like that? Our showers were sealed off and hardly anyone ever used them. They always seemed kinda grotty too

  35. no way he’s 5’11 and got rejected for being too short

  36. Yeah I call bullshit, 5’11 is well above average and if she was say 5’10 and this is such a big deal to her then she surely would’ve asked “So how tall are you?” before meeting, literally more often than not she’d be disappointed right from the get go otherwise

  37. As a fellow Kiwi, I can tell you that every NZer owes it to themselves to live overseas for at least a few years. Ideally further than Aus. You realise pretty quickly how insular, and frankly unsophisticated, our society is.

  38. Learning another language is hard as an adult. Like really, really hard.

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