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  1. I have a weight scale. it's heavily tipped to one side. I put a little weight on the other side. The statement "You tipped the scales! that's not fair!" might be technically true in the first part. It is demonstrably false in the second.

  2. Inventory and demand? Each player has an inventory of n possible items, as well as a consumption rate. thus they have a demand to buy or to sell (negative consumption = production). Then there are the players that need nothing but are just in it for the profit.

  3. yeah whats the question exactly? it behaves just as it should although I'm surprised it does not print uninitialised memory. seems to have some safeguards implemented under the hood.

  4. Example is an int and is initialized to 0 by default. So are the other numbers.

  5. that was exactly my point since i would have expected to see

  6. explicit assignment avoids human misunderstanding. ymmv.

  7. Thanks we found the problem. Unnecessary paranthesis in the formula was messing it. It is working now. Can I keep this offer for later?

  8. A good problem report should always include a reproducible test case. Make it easy for us to help you. :)

  9. Can you click on the hud and get the 3D item at that spot?

  10. I'd get an arduino, a servo, a couple buttons, an LED, a breadboard, and some wire. students make a light blink, then make it blink when the button is pressed (v1 when button is on, v2 toggle each time button is released). then get into PWM to make the light fade or get brighter (one button for each action). then a servo instead of a light, where the buttons move the horn.

  11. Yeah, that was almost my first idea, but the school board would like something a little more... standarized? Is there a kit like this, with detailed project instructions for several projects that you can recommend? Im looking into several alternatives. Thanks!

  12. I can't recommend anything. The market is small and the margins are bad or I would have attempted it myself.

  13. So what happens (probably) is you're drawing all six faces in the same order *regardless of depth*. if you draw the one in the back first, it goes into the video buffer. then the closer face gets drawn over top and the alpha blends them together. BUT when you draw the close one first, then the back one fails the depth test and does not get blended.

  14. there's a lot of assumptions here. what are you making that NEEDS a 16mm shaft? why can't you get a motor with a 16mm shaft? why will neither side adjust to fit?

  15. It’s a special chuck that’s direct mount to the motor, no pulleys involved.

  16. Every line passe through the rectangle in the center though, so it's going to be a bit more complicated.

  17. use a Box–Muller transform for your random() so that values are weighted towards the center on a curve.

  18. I don't think that will work because it looks like EVERY line goes through the center box. What about this: Pick a random spot within the rectangle in the center. Rotate a random amount and draw a line of random length with the spot at the center of the line.

  19. I don't want to slow your roll... is your goal to build robots or to program robots? because if it's the second one it's more affordable in every way to make a simulated robot (say, in unity) and then write control software to drive the simulation. that's how i did my first robot and I've done it that way ever since. Skip the hard and expensive part of building the machines, if you can.

  20. The single cycloidal has contact on only one side of the housing at a time. Under load the force will push the cycloidal out of alignment until it binds against the far side of the housing (which is very close because tight constraints). Putting a second disc means there is force from both sides. This tends to work a little better, but still isn’t great. Cycloidal is the wankel engine of gearboxes. I used them extensively in my sixi 2 robot arm. Lots of parts, not great results. Do not recommend.

  21. For basic stuff (reduction + power, low precision) use a planetary.

  22. Skinny? This mf is almost 4 kg are u sure it’s skinny?

  23. I’ve run Stewart platforms and robot arms off 3D printer boards. There are some models now that have 8 axis. Why not use them?

  24. Just as you said - I get ~100 servos at a time for my drawing robots. I have an UNO on a piece of cardboard with a breadboard so all I need to do is plug in the servo, connect power, and watch the servo sweep. if it doesn't move? Straight to jail.

  25. "technology can be applied" does not turn machinery into robots. you're so wrong it's giving me a headache. unsubscribe!

  26. Wow. This tells all! Exactly what bm is. Risking your life, paranoia, thinking you are better and more superior than society. Wow

  27. you get a D- for doing your homework poorly. study harder.

  28. I think there's one in the middle for 'dont get distracted '

  29. if that happens you never finish step 2. so... redundant.

  30. Is there a reason you have to be vague about what you're trying to do? A truly thorough and meaningful answer is more likely if you explain everything you're trying to do and maybe show a picture.

  31. Have you ever wanted to get that little bit of soap out of the bottom of the container beyond the reach of the straw?

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