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  1. Not an ingredient but I hate when you’re eating a sandwich and the bread somehow decreases in size while you’re eating it to the point where the ingredients are overpowering the size of the remaining bread. I have no idea how it happens but every time I eat a really stuffed sandwich the bread always ends up withering away before the rest of the items.

  2. Comparing my one unvaccinated kid to his vaccinated sisters, I can only conclude that unvaccinated is healthier.

  3. So you have a sample size of two? That’s not nearly large enough to draw any objective conclusions.

  4. Very beautiful, and correct me if you think im wrong, but I believe that she photoshops her waist? It’s VERY tiny (about as big as her head in some photos)?

  5. I looked through your post history. You’re 22 and he’s 15 years older than you? Absolutely not. Please, just no. Listen, I’m 24 now but when I was 21-22 I also dated guys who were in their 30s, at least 10 or 11 years older than me. So please don’t think I’m lecturing you when I say this. I experienced the same thing you are, and now that I’m 24 and dating someone my OWN age, I realize how awful and damaging it was for me to be an extremely young woman, early 20s, dating men in their 30s. In every case, the guy was either a loser, had no money, stole from me, leeched off of me, or was a complete emotionally distant asshole, selfish, stunted. This isn’t just about sex. You NEED to enjoy your early 20s as a happy, free, young woman with an entire world of possibilities open to you and not spend ONE MORE SECOND sad, depressed, or anxious because of a 35 year old man. Please, I wasted 2 years like that, at the very least. Now I am so much happier and secure in myself and my relationships. If you need any advice PM me.

  6. TBH, no one ever said "jawn" where I grew up (Woodlyn/Ridley). I have eaten plenty of meals on top of Wawa trash cans though 😁

  7. My boyfriend gave me the first G-spot orgasm I ever had in my life today. Honestly it was crazy and I have no idea how it happened except for the fact that I recently got off the combined BC pill, maybe that’s it??

  8. How can a mental illness be classified as palliative? I feel like that would only come from a physical illness in which your body is literally killing you?

  9. Honestly how is there not at least one person in this kids life that is telling them that they look insane with all of those piercings and that style? Like literally insane

  10. nowadays there is no smoke and no underground fire. just empty streets and a sad story

  11. It’s true, I was just there last week. But there are actually several smoking vents left in the area, just not smack in the middle of Centralia.

  12. Did you visit just because it's abandoned? I want to visit

  13. My hometown is actually really close to it, so that’s why I was there! The whole PA coal region is creepy and filled with abandoned places like that too.

  14. She looked so young and healthy in 2019 though!! Totally not necessary

  15. This might be weird but I used to only get with circumcised dudes (by coincidence, aka just living in America), but now my boyfriend is uncircumcised (not American) and I would literally never go back to a circumcised dude. There has never been any problem with hygiene on his part and it’s literally so much easier to play around with an uncircumcised dude’s dick. Like it literally has a built in handjob function. Also I like knowing that he probably gets more pleasure from sex. So all in all 10/10 uncircumcised dudes

  16. Throwing back someone’s emotions in their face, invalidating them, making them think that they’re crazy/stupid/worthless for having those feelings, etc is a tactic that abusers use. Men and women can both be abusers. Whenever I hear stories like these there’s nothing else to conclude except the fact their partner was abusing them, which is indiscriminate based upon the sexes of those involved.

  17. El Merkury. A supposed “Guatemalan” food spot in Center City. Food was so mediocre and not even remotely Guatemalan. And it was over priced for what it was. I will never go there again. I can’t imagine how they even stay in business.

  18. Out of curiosity, can you explain a little how it isn’t real Guatemalan food? My boyfriend is Guatemalan but I never asked him about that. Also have you heard of el Sabor Chapin on 8th and Dickinson, are they more real?

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