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  1. I was at the MSG show where Tyler mixed up the words and had the crowd sing "Mul street berry"

  2. Ha! I didn’t know that happened. That’s hilarious.

  3. Tyler reading this comment section right now: 🥲

  4. This is a solid list. I feel like we have very similar tastes

  5. Oh I like this! I don’t have this kind of record player so I still need other ideas to display

  6. My other thought was putting them in a frame in front of the lenticular with my SAI confetti. But then I decided since they are vinyl Polaroids that the sai confetti didn’t make sense lol

  7. I totally meant to say RAB Polaroids lmaooooo

  8. Guns for hands, I was a casual stressed out listener but then fell into a YouTube music video rabbit hole one night. Ride was great and tear in my heart was great, but once I watched the guns for hands music video it was all over.

  9. Ashamed to say that I discovered them from stressed out. I wish I had a cooler story 😂😂😂

  10. There’s something so simple and nostalgic about vessel videos. Like the fact that they made car radio themselves and Tyler had to pause shaving his head so mark could get multiple angles? Insane. They’ll always be my favorite. The way tyler moves in Guns for Hands draws me in everytime.

  11. I mean, tbf a bootleg is gonna sound pretty much identical anyway since its a digital transfer, but yeah this set is a bit pricey

  12. Yes I own a bootleg from eBay. I know it’s not genuine and that would make it feel more whimsical I guess, but they songs do sound pretty great!

  13. Not that they have similar meanings or sound similar, but they all seem to be “filler songs” to me. Kind of like the songs that are thought of last. They all have that feeling. Sometimes I forget they exist.

  14. Doors open at 7 and I believe Peter mcpoland goes on at 8… so TOP goes on around 9-9:30?

  15. “I Scream you scream we all scream cause we!re terrified of what’s around the corner”

  16. That’s a wonderful part, but the entire rap is actually my favorite, specifically “my treehouse is on fire and for some reason I smell gas on my hands”

  17. Not sure about songs that fit that discription but anyway congrats on the wedding! 🎉

  18. Idk but if you don’t put Tear in my Heart on there you’re doing something wrong. Congrats on the wedding!

  19. It is quite literally the first one I wrote down on my list.

  20. Maybe reading Tyler's words will help:

  21. I love kitchen sink and have considered getting one to represent purpose, but at the same time, that’s his reasoning for staying. I guess maybe I should look for mine.

  22. Not sure if it connects to the "purpose" the way you imagine, but I have a small simplified sun as a reference to "the sun will rise and we will try again".

  23. I thought about that. I also thought about a little kitchen sink but it’s not as “obvious” as I’d like it to be I guess.

  24. This has been linked to sex trafficking in my area.

  25. You can come shake trees and pick veggies. Could you water my flowers in return?

  26. There’s a button at the bottom that looks like a text message button.

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