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  1. Probably unpopular in this sub. I rarely listen to season 1 because they all get along too well and the thing I find funniest is Ricky winding Karl up to the point of frenzy.

  2. Season 1 definitely has a different dynamic coz they are still working Karl out and not properly mates yet so don’t really go in too hard on each other.

  3. Yeah I still enjoy season 1 but 2 is the best by a distance. Karl’s naturally funny even when he’s not being wound up, but it’s 10 x better when Ricky has him on strings

  4. Wow, imagine if Karl actually reads these comments. Jeez. Considering all the laughs he's given us over the years im just gonna stick with....that's a shame. Hope Karl's ok. Yeah yeah, i'm well aware this comment will be replied to with the relevant quotes from the shows.....

  5. Yeah it does get a bit weird sometimes

  6. What gave it away? The toaster on the front of the packet?

  7. It’s probably about your 5th favourite film

  8. The best of the stone roses was probably one of the only decent albums they ever gave away

  9. I said was he gonna be in the subreddit, you know I don’t like him

  10. Neigh fork white warm? You’re ill

  11. Electric six? We’ve had worse than that

  12. Monkey News, Karl’s Diary, Rockbusters

  13. Well, that is the worst... that is the worst AI generated post yet. Absolute twaddle. Absolute rubbish,

  14. What pub is it? I wouldn't mind having one of them

  15. Nelson Tavern in Stockport, they’re going like hot cakes

  16. Happened to watch idiot abroad when I was about 9 and it first came out, then stumbled across the podcasts years later. Christ knows how I ended up listening to XFM.

  17. I didn’t say oi Snodgrass where did you get that gun

  18. Not really making fun of them for misspelling Beckham, he’s laughing at the stupidity of not bothering to double check they’ve got it right before it’s tattooed on to their body

  19. Because he didn’t give him an inch

  20. I’ve heard we’re all gonna get uglier

  21. It's his manc scally way of negotiation to get Mondays off.

  22. Azerbaijani citizens don't require vaccination. Foreigners do. If it's Pfizer, two will do.

  23. Hi, answer is 2. Does not matter how much time have passed from second dose. If you have proof of 2 doses then you can enter.

  24. Two monkeys have got married after a whirlwind romance

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