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Awesome Chinese spear dodgin performance

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  1. Uhmmmm i don’t have a good factual answer for you here but this is good 👍🏼 on plants with a woodier stem, this seems to be the way they start their roots so this is a good sign of growth! I hope someone else could give you a better answer but i just wanted to let you know its a good sign. I know when i had cuttings that i was trying to root, i was super confused when i saw this sort of thing happening on the stem. I wasnt sure if it was something bad so im just assuming thats what you are kind of asking here. But generally, if your plant looks otherwise healthy, then don’t worry 😊

  2. Hey look at this, medical waste, I think I'll pick it up off the dirty ground, bring it into my home, and take pictures of it. Some people indeed.

  3. You got 11 upvotes on your post, nobody was curious about your uninteresting bandaid.

  4. I’m struggling with where to price them. I’ve seen prices all over the place for the stuff that seem like they are high and low. Do you have any suggestions?

  5. You gotta call poison control and bring in a remediation team. Happens all the time in this sub.

  6. What did you have to do for that $7.55 discount?

  7. You mentioned having a Firestick, you can sideload Kodi, formerly known as XBMC, set up a share on whatever computer is storing your downloaded media, and connect to the share from Kodi. I've had this setup for longer than I can remember, its straightforward and reliable.

  8. Fun phone, Nextel Push to Talk, remember when you could intrude on people's lives without even knocking in the door!?

  9. Penetrating oil, sharp strikes, and heat on the threaded ring might work, but sometimes it's just too far gone to be removed without extensive damage. If the cage sections are reasonably available it might be faster to use a rotary tool and cut through the threaded ring and split it off the base.

  10. PB Blaster, which is penetrating oil, but the trick is to let it soak for a bit, it doesnt work immediately. A propane torch wouldnt hurt either. This is the way.

  11. Torch after leaving the oil to work? Would catch fire, no,?

  12. Yes, but it burns off too quick to be harmful; the torch is hotter than the oil fire.

  13. I've substituted Nutella for Peanut Butter. Reeses are off the menu, but Nutella/Jelly or Banana/Nutella sandwiches are the tits. Gotta learn to be flexible with these things!

  14. I know you folks don't like hearing this kinda stuff around here, but this is why I've given up on pirating software. I just stick to Movies and Music, much less frustrating or risky.

  15. Yes is it a publicity stunt. It is an advertisement. You are participating. Adblock yourself

  16. Uh, adblock what? This is the /piracy sub, we're a group of folks not typically influenced by marketing. The advertisement is motivation to steal, not to pay. Selfawarewolf much?

  17. Til there's really someone, in the USA, listening to this shit of human being's music. For real...

  18. He is a total shit of a human being, I'm not necessarily a fan of his music, but it's not bad music.

  19. lol came to say the same thing

  20. I travelled there in 2015 on a service trip with my graduate program, it was a cool place to visit. Fun fact: Its a self-contained sovereign nation that exists within an entire other country, being South Africa; Lesotho is a second sovereign nation, also within the borders of South Africa. 2nd Fun fact: Their are older women known as "Gogos," or grandmothers, how grow and sell cannabis, "

  21. Whatever you decide to do -

  22. I think it is cute! You have the face to pull it off.

  23. This is that comment where you're proud to know the thing specifically and want to share it with others, but the comment gets buried because Reddit. God I hate this fucking platform.

  24. This is how I learned to spell the difference. I would rather be stranded with 2 deSSerts than 1 DeSert.

  25. I think folks are saying its not really worth the trouble. Makes a great pet plant, but no real nutritional value for the effort.

  26. How would Gazprom cope if it can’t sell its gas to Europe?

  27. Agreed, its pure economics, there's a lot of other socio-political factors that we're probably not aware of, or don't understand, but bottom line, Russia needs that sweet gas money to keep up their economy.

  28. Low effort response. You get no Karma for calling somebody wrong without actually providing a reasonable/rational counterpoint.

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