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  1. Using the edge of my name tag to cut things. It's very sharp.

  2. Some labels lie, the FDA uses the Atwater equation for nutrition labels, which has some inaccuracies. After that, they round to the nearest 5 increment. (112 would become 110, 3 becomes 0, 6 becomes 10, etc.) this also applies to grams / macros. Less than 5g of fat becomes 0, more than 5g becomes 10. In this case, I would guess that the label is missing some macros.

  3. You got every right to be confused - Barista here.

  4. As a customer, I just say awesome and throw some cash in the tip jar.

  5. Is that pineapple passion and strawberry açaí? Or passion?

  6. My coworker on drive-thru rang it up as a Venti Lemonade, Pineapple refresher base, add passion tea. What I did was shake 2/3’s lemonade with 1/3 pineapple and ice, poured it into the cup then a bit more ice to make a barrier for the second layer and then poured passion tea to the top and lid :)

  7. How much is it? How is it charged? How much to add dragon fruit pieces? Thank You

  8. gordon ramsay voice SHUT IT DOWN. SHUT. IT. DOWN. DISGUSTANG.

  9. That one pump of sugar free vanilla really tops it all off

  10. You didn’t know? Not only does it addd needed flavor but helps reduce the calories

  11. I feel like they tracked this in my fitness pal as a black coffee with 1 pump sugar free vanilla and a tbsp of cream 😂

  12. Leo is not the brightest bulb in the box

  13. I was just thinking about this yesterday when a partner i worked with (i was bar she was drive) said “she can go fuck off. If she’s gonna order a complicated drink she should leave a tip” after a completely nice customer came through and had said “I’m sorry I can’t leave a tip right now” — the drink was a venti iced chai with 9 pumps of vanilla, 4 classic and pumpkin cold foam. I had it out the window within 20 seconds, it wasn’t complicated and the customer was kind. Partners like this are such a morale killer.

  14. I felt like I was reading texts from my NPD mother. no. You weren’t doing too much, you were asking a reasonable question and apologizing for asking. Our managers have extremely tough jobs AND part of their job is making sure their employees are in a position where they can thrive.

  15. I would pull one 1/2 shot of decaf and then another but pull it at the 1/4 mark of the 1/2 shot and then pull ANOTHER 1/2 shot of blonde and pull it at the 1/4 mark. That is IF that was the only drink on bar at that moment, and the customer ordering that is Gordon Ramsay. If I had other drinks in cafe or drive I would just do 1/2 blonde shot and 1/2 decaf because why the fuck would someone do this.

  16. No, looks like the oatmilk was newly opened and not shaken in the box so it came out as separated watery oat milk and foam

  17. Skinny syrups, Unsweet cashew milk, packaged cold brew.

  18. The shots also go ontop of the steamed coffee and that may be why it’s less strong. 4 pumps > Steamed milk > Shots > Caramel drizzle > lid

  19. We are doing the chilled one

  20. Oh ok, Same rules but one less pump, cold milk, ice then shots and drizz

  21. Thinkin about this on my off day just ruined today for me 💀

  22. Looks like the red and white pearl sprinkles we use on white peppermint mochas. I would guess your barista was really rushed, new or busy on bar and just added a holiday topping on accident.

  23. That isn't a hack it's just a fucking scam I hate some people

  24. Is your sentence life, long, or without parole? if so, does that make you suicidal, or something like that?

  25. it's her first nutcracker she's the sugar plum fairy 💖💖

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