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  1. It's also on shugarecords but at an unreasonable price

  2. I was legit shocked when I saw him playing for you guys last weekend lol

  3. tyler, the creator - wolf. also the 10th anniversary so it’s more plausible

  4. I’d pause, and save for new system components. It’s easy to go down the collecting wormhole and spend a few thousand dollars, while some new speakers would make what you got even better.

  5. that’s the best part, actually. i bought a really nice Bose soundbar black friday 2021, that, despite its simple build really gives off incredible sound.

  6. Pixies are atrocious live, but would totally go for Tenacious D and PJ

  7. nah this is definitely from a toddler who got ahold of their parents phone

  8. Oldboy (2003) surprisingly isn’t on streaming or available to rent anywhere

  9. anything cedric the entertainer says in A Haunted House

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