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  1. I have all of them. Do you still need them? I'm looking for the violet paradox mons

  2. I got all of them now from trades but if you still need violet paradox Pokémon I got a few of each

  3. Ok thanks. How about 3462-2765 for the trade code?

  4. No but I do have a cousin with that name. It’s not like you’re watching me right now… Right?

  5. Haha, Thomas and Samantha are the names of Meghan Markle’s dad and half sister. They’ve both made a habit of selling stories about her to tabloids.

  6. I promise I am unrelated to them. But damn is that a hell of a coincidence.

  7. I would definitely order it if it ever popped up just out of curiosity.

  8. Ice cream, I have ordered it before and every single time I have the driver gets another order and drops it off first so it's always melted when it gets to me. I won't order it again

  9. Nothing tastes more like disappointment than melted ice cream.

  10. The infrastructure. Roads were terrible when I visited. Highways hadn’t been fixed in years, cracks everywhere. Driving feels like travelling through an apocalypse film.

  11. I remember when my local department store put up Christmas Trees for sale on September 10th

  12. Winning lottery numbers from a little under 30 years prior.

  13. My rapists family business. Fucker powers half of the county via his dad.

  14. I too will pray for his downfall and things I cannot say without violating the terms of service.

  15. Very Australian picks that I haven't seen here yet.

  16. I too am a fellow hater of these two for their scummy practices.

  17. Deoxys. 4 different forms that do very different things. Alien Superstar right there.

  18. Schools would focus entirely on skill building. That would be neat.

  19. Clothes, provided they’re in good condition and clean. People spend so much money on new clothes when you can get nice stuff from thrift stores for a fraction of the price.

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