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  1. Cope is getting stronger with each passing day. We’ll be lucky if we see him anytime soon

  2. Why is sukana not with Toji? That mf is fine all homo

  3. I'm judging the real Sukana not the hijacked rizz Sukana, and the og don't cut it for me💀

  4. It’s about the eyes and the mentality man. Look at the eyes

  5. This one is Naruto for sure. Even tho bleachs might be animated better now a days I’d still give it to Naruto’s

  6. We’ll duh he’s been clear of them. Oda cares not about any of that only hype and zoro has the hype. Thought not as much as his majesty wanks aka top 1 aka hakigod.

  7. Wanks and luffy demolish. Greenbull runs away kizaru sweats and Fujitora holds his blade feeling top 1 anyway

  8. You just figured out it’s all agenda dick riding? Yeah it damn sure is, op is the worst shounen I’ve seen when it comes to power consistency. Agendas is all we can do

  9. I'm not even gonna pretend to have the patience y'all have in this comment section: if Yuji doesn't power up in this arc imma kms lmao

  10. We’ll he almost got there. Still ain’t shit tho

  11. Honestly I’m not even waiting for it. It would be cool if it happened, but I’m having a good time watch Yuji as his current level

  12. Man will survive in the background like he has since mahito. That’s about it

  13. Everyone keeps talking about this honored one Yuji like they haven’t read over 200+ chaps of jjk. Do y’all not realize Gege dosent fw Yuji? There’s a reason he get shit on 24/7 and it’s not because “just wait Gege is building him up for an awakening” lmao hell nah.

  14. Sure lmao. I bet we won’t even see the mf next chapter

  15. For ever 😂? Man won’t even appear next chap I’ll call it now

  16. Yuta definitely can hang with sukuna. His only weakness is inexperience. In terms of CE and CT he is OP. Combine that with rika also fighting and he can use RCT to heal himself at will. i dont think yuta can beat sukuna alone he is too experienced but hes gonna give sukuna a helluva fight

  17. Wipes hard. Every besides gojo is in their own category of dies by cleave or shrine

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