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  1. OP is talking about when a woman vents about being raped or harassed and some men throw in a "not all men" when they should, in fact, be comforting her

  2. Then let's talk about men who suffer silently at the hands of women who abuse laws....and don't start by saying "patriarchy" or "women are suffering daily" to justify men suffering without any reason.

  3. A hot water bag is my best friend during my period. I take ibuprofen when the pain is unbearable

  4. Where do you buy ibuprofen from? Can't find it online on any reliable websites :/

  5. ABSOLUTELY. Look up Jake Andrich. That man has over a million likes on his OnlyFans.

  6. "I'm not a doctor. A BMI calculator will let you know."

  7. Please be aware, this girl uses photoshop to make herself look like this. She can do whatever she wants and that’s fine, but she is not an accurate representation of what real woman look like or should aspire to be. I hope she is at least honest with her audience about the editing because it can be very harmful for young girls and woman to see this and think it’s possible.

  8. I wasn't aware of that, I've been watching her videos for a while too and her body didn't seem very different there so the thought of her photoshopping never crossed my mind :/

  9. Omg she's gorgeous 😭 Also I need to know where she got that pink dress with the gloves

  10. Love her! If there are any more small Chester influencers I would love suggestions, I have a basically flat chest and it’s hard to style sometimes

  11. Oanhdaqueen, Lily Maymac and thealondraflores are some of my favourite ones!

  12. I don't think this post fits here. this is a sub for women to uplift each other and love their bodies.

  13. wouldn't recommend getting into arranged marriage for this exact reason, you should be knowing whether you're compatible with them before considering marriage, but oh well

  14. yet pants and shirts are traditionally male attire but women wear those

  15. I once tried to push my breasts in my boyfriends face but because im part of the itty bitty titty group his nose hit my sternum and he bursted out laughing. Im still embarassed by that 3 years later but he feels bad about it, especially since i hate that i have such small breasts.

  16. why do you hate it😭 they're awesome, far more sensitive and fun sized. a mouthful can never be bad.

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