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  1. Lol I’m bringing everyone down with me 😈😈

  2. i searched all over but couldn’t find them

  3. I’m pretty sure the gentleman who came up with the combat system for the first few AC worked on GoT. Also thank you for not making me feel bad for deciding playing Valhalla was a waste of time. I turned it off after about an hour. Felt really clunky, and all the bugs with the dialogue killed me. I didn’t like Odyssey either.

  4. The combat system in the Ezio trilogy was peak AC, after that the whole franchise went downhill

  5. Imagine Ezio trilogy combat with Unity parkour system 😁😁😁😁😁

  6. I stopped playing after Black Flag, which was a great pirate game- it just ruined the AC storyline.

  7. so I have to keep explaining this every day on this sub. landlords who have mortgages can not adjust there rent without dropping there property values. if the values drop they become upside down on the loan and the banks call in the loan. this means that if they drop the rents, they lose the building. Not every one is being evil and greedy, they just don't want to lose every thing they have saved up there whole life to get. they would rather leave it empty and lose the rent, then drop it and lose the building.

  8. i meant something such as a restaurant i could walk into and ask for water. it's not really the fountain i'm worried about, i'm just wary about the water quality and how clean it'll be.

  9. Restaurants typically don’t like their service being interrupted to refill a water bottle. Try Starbucks but the fountains are fine

  10. Which doesn't make this reasonable in the slightest. Jailing people for possessing/using drugs doesn't help them or society at large, and this is just Russia lashing out at America the only way they can right now.

  11. While I agree with your statement- she opened herself up to this by not following the laws of the country she was in

  12. I don’t ever get complaints, so I guess I’m doing okay. Just wish my job had a little more “life” lol

  13. I've never seen one, but every time they're brought up here, everyone says not to work somewhere that uses them.

  14. If the pour spouts have ball bearings I always refuse the job. Of you don’t trust your staff to pour I don’t belong there

  15. ~.75 oz all clear liquor on the well rack, lemon juice, simple, over ice, shake, back into the glass, top with coke, give a stir garnish with lemon

  16. Perhaps but it doesn't give her the right to assault him. Yell at him? Sure. But keep your damn hands to yourself.

  17. Omg it’s as if women are forced to be subjected to unwanted sexual advances constantly and she was finally sick of his shit

  18. And I'm sick of yappy bitches thinking I give a fuck about what they have to say, it doesn't give me the right to hit them.

  19. Ah you must be a delight to behold in conversation. And yea being harassed does give someone the right to defend themselves.


  21. Bartending is not for the faint of heart: source- sole source of income for 10 years

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