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  1. wait omg why?? someone at my store has done this before 😭😭

  2. Yup you can't give away sole ingredients! So if someone orders say a mango dragon fruit, no base no water no ice, you're supposed to refund or cancel the order. Same with if they tried to get only syrup or something

  3. Well dang I sold someone a cup with 5 pumps of raspberry two days ago bc we discontinued it

  4. Meh it's a corporation so don't feel bad just beware of the possibility of being caught yk lol

  5. I live a 5 min walk away from mine and it’s a blessing and a curse

  6. I'm in the exact same position lol. Mine is in the same parking lot as a grocery store too. Yay I can LEISURELY walk 5 minutes to either but also 🤠 I can't shop without passing it

  7. i personally always liked the second half better bc it’s a little matured and has more storylines that last for more than one episode

  8. I agree. Lots of people don't like the exaggeration of the characters bad features but I thought it was funny

  9. Lmaoo I know I've even laughed out loud a few times, made her a little less bland

  10. mason bc i feel like he understands her more. and despite his flaws i still love him lol

  11. I honestly never really got Dean and Alex being a great love cuz they barely got any time together, and Dean just like never got her lol he was self absorbed

  12. Dude what mine barely had any sanrio stuff in it lol I'm jealous! Only a few hello kitty items of basic stuff

  13. I always encourage them to call corporate and explain themselves. They know they’re robbing us so they literally never will.

  14. Corporate will still give them some gift card or some shit while explaining why they're wrong. Never learning

  15. I don’t know if I’ve just been lucky but so far my customers have been coming in and buying a latte. Which is like a salve for my soul, honestly. It doesn’t happen a lot. But the once a month I get to see a quad espresso person buy a latte for the first time is the breath of life.

  16. I have the opposite problem, this lady orders a latte with light milk and we try to explain its like 3 bucks cheaper even, and she literally means LIGHT milk like even when we put 1/2-1/4 inches she says it's not strong enough. I've written down how to order it the other way so she get what's she wants, like 2 or 3 times. Nope. Still complains about too much milk

  17. If they bring it back it will be under the guise of donations but it’s really just donations into the pockets of bobby

  18. That would be very illegal and doubt that would be able to happen without a single person not doing anything about it

  19. If you think that doing shady and illegal shit is beyond charities, you might wanna look into the Susan G. Komen foundation.

  20. That's completely different than raising money for a known charity. They didn't donate last time to some random one lol

  21. I mean, the obvious reason would be the 2 things you changed

  22. No, I live in TX and on hot days I would be on the verge of passing out

  23. I see so things related to their abilities and behaviors are the only way for this Challenge Mode

  24. Wait if the breaker is off Hantu still gives freezing in the weekly challenge?

  25. They're talking about the hantu's breath, you still won't get freezing temps with a Hantu on 0 evidence.

  26. Yalls clips are so funny lol, I recommend instead of talking on discord, use push to talk or better yet, open mic in the game and mute on discord. Me and my best friend do this and it's so much for fun trying to stay quiet during a hunt and etc

  27. Also monkey paw is there. You can ask for knowledge for example.

  28. Yes ONLY the poltergeist can do that. Extremely useful to know

  29. it is just a splash, but it should still fill up the cup. the shaken espresso should only leave enough room for a splash of milk. if there’s more space then that, then you’re not adding enough ice when shaking it.

  30. I've only found when I do extra ice is the only way that works lol, good to know ty

  31. My first post got recognized by a shift and she told me not to make it so obvious which store we were, In a very not so nice tone 💗 I only mentioned a remodel and texas lol

  32. it's not like you were out there saying your exact city and store number! texas is huge man

  33. Steel cut is the most unprocessed that is commercially available as far as I know

  34. So would it be better to make oatmilk out of that? If someone is diabetic

  35. We got rid of ours in the remodel and it's SO much harder to do the display now

  36. i think i had JUST bought it to test it out in baking and im mad lol

  37. Feel like saying you can "cure" it will make it worse if people relapse. Terrible idea to put into peoples head

  38. Oh no! I’m genuinely sorry if my use of the word cure has triggered you. I can actually imagine now that you say it how some might feel that way.

  39. It's alright, not mad or anything but just something to think about 😅

  40. 20 and my ER bill + many, many appointments I have to make to figure out multiple medical issues

  41. Oooh!! Hahaha. So not salting it enough causes the expansion?!? I salted this for one hour in salt water. Then open each leaf and threw kosher sea salt in each fold. Moved the cabbages around every 30 minutes for about 8 hours. Then rinses them 3 times. Squeezing the water out. So I feel like they were adequately salted but please enlighten me. I just didn’t expect the expansion this time.

  42. Nono it definitely still expands lol! It's just the class didn't do it enough so the gas PLUS water they never drained is what happened haha. It happens cuz of the gas that happens from fermentation

  43. Awesome!! Okay. About to start my next batch. Gonna try for 15-20 cabbages this time. 50 pounds of cabbage if I can find it. I have an 8 gallon EJEN fermentation container to fill up.

  44. I have this same question but I'm diabetic. Basically impossible for me lol

  45. Finished the chamber of Secrets last night! Got a kindle to read more but have ended up reading Harry Potter again for the millionth time.. but in the dark! :D

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