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  1. Communication is great, when you are with someone who WILL communicate. My husband and I have been together for 35+ years and sadly he isn’t someone who talks about the problem. If I didn’t make the effort, we could go weeks without talking. I feel like it’s a form of abuse. He knows how much it bothers me, and yet he continues to do it. We’re entering into our fourth week of him not talking and I am fed up with it. He always expects me to take him by the hand and walk him through the process. I’ve told him many times these last weeks, exactly what I need and want from him and I ask him what he needs and wants from me, and he says nothing. In this last argument , he admits to really messing up and says he knows that he hurt me, but he won’t tell me why he did what he did, or that he’s sorry. This is our history, and I feel like he doesn’t love me enough to make an effort. It makes for a miserable life. You either accept him the way he is, go to counseling with him or go your separate ways. Maybe ask him which of those three options he wants. You have the rest of your life to be miserable or happy. Don’t start with the miserable and make it your new normal. I don’t have any options, because of money, his health and my health. When I think of spending the rest of my life living like this, I just want to throw in the towel. Don’t be me. Remember the red flags you ignore now, will only multiply as time goes by.

  2. i’m so sorry you are going through that and for such a long time. my boyfriend also does that exact same thing as your husband and never communicate of what wrong he has done either. it truly does feel like a form of abuse. they lack in communicating and it affects us. I can’t imagine going for weeks without talking…i hope you find a way to be happy.

  3. How to get rid of pungent smell of my xm4’s? i bought a used one and wiped it down with a Clorox wipe but that didn’t help. any tips?

  4. I forgot to turn in a mandatory assignment that was required to pass psychology 100, but I turned it in right away and my professor accepted it but just gave me late points. idk if i passed the class or not because all of my profs submitted the grades by Jan. 3rd already but my psych professor still didn’t put anything. it is left empty and idk if that means that i failed or is there supposed to be a letter to indicate that i fail?

  5. I had one of those for months. I literally had to squeeze that sucker out for the pore to start closing. This huge, hard, blackhead plug thing came out. No amount of topicals helped. I think it’s what is called a Pore of Winer. Extraction was the only way that worked for me. If it’s deep, have it extracted by a dermatologist or aesthetician.

  6. Oh gosh, Pore if Winer sounds terrifying…thank you for sharing!!

  7. I use salicylic acid every other day and aha every week. I squeezed a huge subcutaneous filament 3 months ago and I assumed the pore would close up after a few days or weeks but it’s still WIDE OPEN. From far away it look like a huge blackhead and it’s driving me nuts!!! Please help a girl out!

  8. actually i think there’s a pore in there but it’s really deep…i can’t squeeze it out

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