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  1. I add in mini m&ms! Carefully, because the colors streak, but I like a little bit of rainbow.

  2. Mine gets messages, from my dad and other dead people. She sometimes uses it to give me their "approval" or "disapproval," or to back up whatever she tells me with a second (invisible, heard only by her) authority.

  3. I eat mine with 1/2 packet of seasoning + dash of soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, minced garlic, green onion, chili powder, and a cracked egg cooked in the pot!

  4. I'm not OP but I'm also trying to figure it out by following her movements at half speed. I'm working on trying to learn how to read charts so that I can see if I can follow the chart that another user posted in here, and then I might be able to write a pattern.

  5. I'm having trouble with this pattern, too, and it looks like this video had an alternative to that big x stitch.

  6. For preserving: pickled eggs, salted egg yolks? For shorter term eating: quiche, meringues, breakfast egg cupcake pan bakes (freezes well), egg drop soup, baked eggs (on top of dough, marinara sauce, curries, grits/polenta, etc)!

  7. I’m a sponge filter kind of guy. But you could always strap a coarse filter sponge on any filter intake for safety and added pre-filtration.

  8. I have this filter, and I second the coarse sponge maneuver. It keeps my baby guppies from getting sucked in.

  9. I still have some old squeeze tubes (with the neat fine tip, like paint) from OCC that I haven't thrown out. I keep them in a box and look at them sadly every once in a while.

  10. Omg i just saw on google they went out of business in 2018 😭

  11. Yeah, those are most definitely expired. It's just so sad! There's so much product left! The colors are so cool.

  12. I love how Robin went ahead and lit her molotov cocktail before chucking it at an already totally-on-fire Vecna.

  13. From my experience I wouldn't rely too much on the Betta to control the guppy population. They multiply like crazy. Awesome setup though good luck !!

  14. I have a female betta in my guppy tank, lots of females and males. One (just one!) baby has survived in the past 6 months.

  15. I want Hopper, Joyce, and Murray to return to Hawkins. Jason is being a big mouthy mob-leading jerk and Hopper just slaps him hard across the face and is like, "What have you all done to my town?" Then Jason tries to get up from the ground and Joyce puts her hand on his face and pushes him back down.

  16. i only use pb powder in smoothies and there is no difference!

  17. I do smoothies, or mix into the yogurt. So much less fat and sugar than peanut butter (especially the super cheap pb).

  18. Eggs, oats (I prefer rolled or steel cut over quick oats), plain Greek yogurt, canned beans (am lazy), peanut butter/peanut powder!

  19. I would like to hear some of your theories then, because I have only seen one theory going around about Brenner and it’s that he could be Elevens actual father.

  20. I want Brenner to have raised all the kids as "Papa," for Vecna to be the biological father, and for Eleven to fucking scream "DAD!" when reunited with Hopper. (And for Brenner to see this and feel all sorts of bad things.)

  21. Nah, that isn't very necessary for me, though that would be funny, would Vecna have seen Empire Strikes Back through someone he's absorbed?

  22. I do not cut out the little strings out of my shirts that are used for keeping them on the hanger. And sometimes they show.. When people make remarks about it IDC 😆

  23. Isn't that itchy? Those always drive me nuts when they wiggle around!

  24. I didn't understand uggs or ugg-like shoes until I moved somewhere cold. Then it all made sense, suddenly.

  25. Menstrual cup! I can't believe how many tampons, pads, and pantyliners I used to go through. To contrast: at the beginning of 2022, I bought a new $10 cup and a package of store-brand pantyliners, so about a total of $15. I'm pretty sure both will last me a couple of years.

  26. Honestly I tried the cup and was scarred/traumatized from it(the pain I went through to get it in and getting it out…)💀 I think I’m gonna switch to reusable pads and tampons instead, and period panties too.

  27. Oh no! I think we had opposite experiences, and neither of us deserved the horror.

  28. Can of drained unsalted spinach, 4oz pepperjack cheese, onion and garlic powder to taste. Microwave until hot, mix until goopy.

  29. Can you bath? Is the water safe for bathing and drinking? You can wash things in the bathtub or shower most places.

  30. Even if the water doesn't taste great for drinking and cooking, could it still be safe for washing dishes?

  31. Soup with your baked potato. Lentil soup has impressive protein.

  32. Agree! Canned soup isn't always the cheapest, and are often loaded with salt. I used to stretch my cans of soup to go farther by splitting open a baked potato and topping it with a hearty cream soup.

  33. Isn't it awful? It pretty much means any "conversation" with them isn't two people communicating.

  34. My teachers always told me this. I was good in class from the first minute I started school, because I was already trained to prioritize the wants and needs of adults.

  35. Rocky Horror, performed by the permanent ghost residents at the Overlook Hotel.

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