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  1. I would go with a white wine and not a white wine vinegar, I don't like how red wine turns purple when using it for cooking, so I always sub in white wine

  2. I have a friend who is pretty sensitive to eyeliners, they tend to make her eyes itchy. I was wondering if there are any hypoallergenic eyeliners and mascara that could be recommended? TIA!

  3. Quady North has some good Sparkling wines, but I haven't tried much of their other wines.

  4. Okay, I’m thinking I may return the masque. I’m thinking I should probably stay away from shea butter in general. Thanks for your help!

  5. I have pretty fine hair that's weighed down easily and I absolutely love the Shea Moisture Leave -In version of what you did purchase, I use it every time I get my hair wet and only use that, while getting decent wave definition

  6. Never thought of a hard-boiled egg as a snack food... Do you just peel and eat it as is or do you uh, enhance it?

  7. I absolutely love a truffle salt on a hard boiled egg, and a little goes a long way!

  8. I really like to go with an almost halter neck style/ high neck, with an exposed back. I find that having my back exposed makes me feel sexy and classy and really builds up what I do have, rather than focusing on what I don't

  9. I think you're getting a lot if pretty extreme advice.

  10. And you can ask him to help build you up, too. Like my bf is super into the "big titty goth gf" look and that's not me at all, but he still looks at me like I'm the best looking person in the world and he's very vocal about it too - so as a fellow small chested gal, I'm not down about his preferences. I also build him up and let him know that I enjoy his body, too

  11. I used crisco, instead of butter, and that got a really good golden brown crust

  12. I have a theory with my hair, that the outermost hair - the hair on top - undergoes more friction than the rest of the hair, causing it to be more damaged and less curly/wavy

  13. Mens razors, mens antiperspirant. They’re way better than the female versions

  14. And men's electric shavers saved my legs from irritation from shaving with razors (men's or women's)

  15. Willamette valley vineyards 2021 whole cluster is so young but sooooooo good right now. It’s mind boggling. I’m predicting a banner year for Pinot in willamette in this vintage. $22 on a shelf.

  16. 2021 is an absolute killer vintage from the Willamette Valley! We're about to bottle ours and it's so good, like even our base level is awesome

  17. YTA But it sounds like you're willing to work on this. My suggestion is to find dairy alternatives that do taste good, they are gonna cost more, but they're absolutely out there. Cream Cheese: Violife 100% Vegan Cream Cheese - pretty darn close to regular cream cheese Melty Cheese for Pizza or sauces: Violife 100%Vegan Mozzarella Shreds - it is actually very melty and delicious Butter: Miyoko's Creamery European Style Cultured Vegan Butter - it does actually taste similar to Butter Milk: I like oat milk for a lot of cooking, it seems to meld in the best So get experimenting and the food will taste better. It's all about the right substitutes.

  18. Since tips are said to be a part of your compensation, then tips are allowed at the winery you'll be working at. As a tipped employee, it would be wise to watch for guests trying to tip a % of the sale. A 15% tip on $200 worth of wine is a bit excessive, and I'm typically fine with anything between $5-20 as a reasonable tip (from before I switched to only production)

  19. If I may, how’d you get into it? I’d love to do something like MMA for self defense/fitness

  20. Not OP, but I'd start with a Google search of MMA style gyms, or even straight up self defense gyms, nearby.

  21. Usually it's because that table is optimal - shade, view, noise, seating options (space) something; it's not usually because they want to sit in front someone else's dirty dishes

  22. This! I just sat at a dirty table a few days ago, but the first table we tried was kinda wobbly and the other tables big enough for the 4 of us were the same style as the wobbly one or a dirty one that was different (and it wasn't wobbly)

  23. I'm actually not a chicken guy, but my fiancé HATES red meat (I love a good steak) so unless I wanna cook two seperate meals which is far too much effort, we always eat either chicken or salmon

  24. In that case, bone in chicken thighs, season them, and then in the oven at 400 for 40 min gets me perfect chicken every time - and I always check that they're at 165 with a thermometer before I pull them out

  25. 400 Fahrenheit for 40 minutes?! That poor thing must be black and dry at the end.

  26. I totally agree with you, posting videos of someone else without consent is not cool. How do we know whether or not the poster got consent for the video with other people though?

  27. It does look like this is an issue, maybe we could look at getting a tutorial up for how to blur people who haven't consented to be in a video stickied to this sub?

  28. Haha I clarified multiple times. Cherry the fruit not cherry tomatoes

  29. lol very true. but confirmed with my friend multiple times it was indeed the stone fruit (bc i was in disbelief). that's really the crux of my question - I had never heard of cherry (stone fruit!!!) being paired with seafood before and was wondering if this was just a blind spot of mine

  30. Fair enough, I hadn't heard of it before either

  31. My class is at night, too, so I try to eat at least an hour and a half before heading to class. If I'm not able to eat dinner, then I'll take two Granola Bars/protein bars with me - one for before class and one for after.

  32. It's a type of hair barrette, I just used Google and searched for "hair barrettes with a stick styles"

  33. We always have leftover gravy from the biscuits and gravy, and use the leftover gravy on toast for SOS - and I'm in the PNW

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