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  1. It's basically a friendly but We're a mess without Virgil organizing the back and Ali saving our asses.

  2. Winning away? On a Monday night? To a bottom tabled team? And JOTA scores?

  3. Happy for Jota and Jones. Ive been critical of their performances. Hope this gives them the boost to push us on

  4. Last 2 games have feel like we've actually turned a corner.

  5. We were shite against Chelsea and shite in the first 35 against arsenal. And shite in the first 35 again tonight. But it's an improvement

  6. Thiago is world class in everything but availability. His lack of pace rarely shows because his positioning is so good. A healthy Thiago is our best midfielder. Just need someone with a serious motor beside him to help defending counter attacks when the ball gets hit over the top.

  7. Imagine if Thiago had someone like Valverde with him.. We'll be cooking

  8. I was jealous when chelshit signed Enzo. But he aint no where near that proce tag

  9. Good half from us here. City are a very good team, at home and they need to win. There’ll always be periods when they’re on top.

  10. I hope they're looking at getting Trent some serious competition for next season.

  11. Weve played horrible football this season. But we haven't had much luck. Either. Players form, injuries, fixtures, shit ass ref decisions, and even match draws. Never favored us. Next season can't come soon enough

  12. That being said. I hope AC MILAN OR NAPOLI end up winning it.the rest i dont really care about. Won't even make time to watch it

  13. This squad needs a complete overhaul. Ive never seen anything like this in my life. Its crazy

  14. You would swear from that first half bournemouth thrashed is 9-0 last time around

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