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  1. I do not understand the "dni interact if you like x" tags like first of all it's just kinda rude and second that isn't stopping anyone lmao

  2. i honestly dont understand the dni lists. Like, what can you even do to stop people from interacting with you? A list? It just sounds like a thing that most people use to show “Oh look, i hate those people and consider myself morally higher than me. Now praise me”

  3. Right? And then they also put things like "transphobes" like yes I'm sure those types of people will be completely respectful of your dni list lmao.

  4. IMO, I would have made him our Jagen, and then when he gets cutscened, have Alois join with his current stats as his bases, and with growths similar to Jeralt, and give Alois his weapons, and weapon ranks... Basically, just make Alois a reskin of Jeralt with another personal.

  5. I don't think making Alois a reskin of Jeralt would be necessary since by that point you shouldn't need Jagen lol but making him kinda similar could be interesting (Also would this make Jeralt the first forcefully benched Jagen?)

  6. Gunter Quite Literally falls off. a cliff. so no?

  7. I personally based this to Majin Buu - Uub case so this rebirth Julius does not has his past memory but as for do the other characters know? I am sure everyone will happy know this particulalry Deirdre that she can reunite with Julius and more over he is Sigurd son now. I think Sigurd, Seliph and Julia also will be happy with this.

  8. If it's exactly like Uub then would his name be Suiluj lol

  9. Tf you get a new chance at life but get stuck with a sh*tty name lmao

  10. I'll be honest the one thing they should not have changed for this game was the recruitment process, it's ridiculous. Great game otherwise.

  11. Idk I think this games recruitment is far better

  12. That...actually fits. It's funny, it makes sense that it wouldn't work because paps doesn't want to kill you (kinda like what happens with the "puzzle" in the bridge) and it serves for foreshadowing for the genocide route. Though I personally would put some more dialogue lmao

  13. They didn't retcon it they said Pan is around Gohan's age when he started you guys are just misinterpreting it.

  14. What's next? What if Toby revealed sans and papyrus are gaster? Lmao

  15. Artists will try to still make him look like a skeleton if Toby didn’t say anything about this, idk

  16. I mean it looks like an erased sprite even if it's gaster he og wouldn't have looked like that lol

  17. sees comments Do fnaf fans lack reading comprehension like DB fans or are we just too obsessed with theories to recognise what ifs? Lmao

  18. Charlotte is not Michael's Daughter

  19. It's not a theory is a what if. As in how would things have gone if this was true lol.

  20. i always thought he refers to the other sanses you fight each time you reload after dying, idk correct me if i'm wrong

  21. The same honestly. The Aus did not spawn from this line and it's not a well known line either.

  22. The SU Fandom dealt with something similar, it's not that bad

  23. It's weird to see her in pink but also kinda cool

  24. Those are all the versions I've played too lol I remember playing Wild world and doing absolutely nothing except talk to villagers lmao

  25. What nuance it just “I don’t like you so let’s start a war”

  26. Thank you for proving my point. Unless you are trolling in which case you need to be more original lmao.

  27. The thread was definitely not toxic but it was certainly very confusing.

  28. That reminds me the other day I saw two people fighting with some walls of text and it was like "Rhea is an abusive groomer" vs "Edelgard is literally Napoleon". Now that was peak 3H discourse.

  29. 3H dialogue is better because that specific line is way funnier and based lmao

  30. Kirby triple deluxe deluxe. Kirby sextuple deluxe lol.

  31. I mean young =/= baby lol. I would call a 12 year old a child but they are far from a baby.

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