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  1. do you not then see that their middle east or other channels havent changed their logo and still feel nice?

  2. Doesn't really change how I feel. I'm not under the impression it's anything other than PR, so I have no expectation they would do likewise in places where it would hurt business.

  3. you don't mind if the companies don't care about LGBTQ+ and doing it just for profit? I know you said it feels nice that they're putting LGBTQ logos, but they only do it just to try and milk it. It is extremely blatant.

  4. Of course I'd rather they were really deeply, actively engaged in supporting the community. But I'm a realist. They're companies, profit will always be paramount. But that doesn't mean there's no symbolic value in what they do. And, as I said, it's a nice reminder of the progress we've made that being publicly supportive of the community is seen as being good for business.

  5. Arranged to view a house. Suggested I might call him to confirm just before the viewing to make sure it's still going ahead. He said "No, no. No need. If you don't hear from me, then it's definitely going ahead".

  6. Saw a flat in London. Noticed a massive cricket ball sized hole in the wood around one of the windows, through which rain was coming into the room. Asked what the deal was with it and if the landlord was proposing to fix it before somebody moves in.

  7. I definitely would. That'll be a late arrival back home, and weddings are tiring. I love them, but it's a long day full of eating, drinking, dancing, socialising. I'm always incredibly glad to have a nearby hotel to go back to after.

  8. Classic example right there. Stadium shows are terrible for this.

  9. Also have a look on Twitter on the day of. There's usually people at the venue sharing pictures of the stage time sheets. Local papers often have the predicted stage times too. The Manchester Evening News was almost spot on for Arctic Monkeys' stage time.

  10. yeah if you wanted to stand and chat then go the pub, i am sure it's cheaper!

  11. Yeah I just fundamentally don't understand it. You're paying so much money, to then not engage with the music feels so strange to me. And it's annoying when there's a good but quieter sony and your ability to get lost in it is undercut by groups of shouting men.

  12. All adult food that resembles baby food has its fans.

  13. I thought water and oats was gruel? Here in Canada it's called oatmeal. I personally like Scottish style porridge, rolled oats, milk, a pinch of salt( essential) all boiled up and stirred with a spirtle. Now add some 35% cream and in Canada drown in natural maple syrup. For certain breakfast and the day is a whole lot better.

  14. Afaik, water and oats makes both porridge and gruel. The difference is the thickness. Gruel is thin, porridge thick.

  15. Check their post history. They ask basically the same question over and over. Obviously have a bit of a fixation on it.

  16. The problem is that its all rumours and hearsay until proven in court. Like with all the football r cases. There’s what’s reported in the papers and then there is what actually happened. Papers can print whatever they want if even one person is willing to say it happened.

  17. As a native who turned 18 around to the financial crisis and was a young adult through everything that followed, the country has never been that great in my adult life. But yes, right now is probably the hardest it's been, despite me earning the most I ever have.

  18. I got regularly ID'd until about 30, which was the point at which the greys became so prevalent that nobody would believe I was of questionable age, even though I still look very young facially.

  19. That's interesting. I wouldn't even say I have a young face. Roll on for more grey hairs than I guess 🤣

  20. There comes a tipping point where the greys are so dominant they can't be missed!

  21. You answered your own question I think. Some people simply don't care about cars and see them purely as a practical tool to get from A to B. Ergo, how their car looks really doesn't matter.

  22. I used to do this. But I turned it back on because my parents complained so much about not being able to leave me a voicemail. Attitudes to voicemail are definitely a generational difference.

  23. I would say 2 hours each way is my absolute maximum. Even that I'd be quite disinclined to do in a day unless I had to. My parents is about 2.5 to 3 hours and I never do that in a day.

  24. I've never been there so can't comment. Used to know someone who lived there and their opinion seemed to be that it was fine. Nothing special but not a bad place. But yeah, that's second hand info.

  25. Getting somewhere nice for that price in St Albans may be a struggle. Hitchin likewise is increasingly expensive, though you may get somewhere out of the centre.

  26. No, because they both earn far more than me and are generally much more wealthy.

  27. I don’t vape myself but I noticed someone I know had become very wheezy after they started and seemed constantly out of breath. They never smoked before so it can’t be from that

  28. It's entirely anecdotal and may be a coincidence, but the one person I know who vapes regularly has an absolutely chronic cough.

  29. You can get WiFi in the stations, so people can access the internet on their phone. Personally, I'm usually reading news articles, scrolling social media, checking the rest of my journey for delays or disruptions etc. Or I have a podcast or music on and just stare into space.

  30. True ! But I’m referencing the old thinking of if you earn this much your technically in this category and here are some possible other associations about your lifestyle obviously with time this has changed and “class” as a lifestyle is now not always matched with income but that’s exactly why I’m curious what it looks like now it’s all shifted !

  31. Class has never been defined by income in the UK. It's far more complicated than that. In the traditional 3 class system your class was defined by your relationship to the means of production (basically: workers, managers, owners), not income. Of course, that was imperfect even back then, and it certainly doesn't work now.

  32. Class isn't defined by income, so there won't be an answer to your question. Class is intangible, so it's not something that can't be quantified perfectly into a metric.

  33. My feeling is that if it's something you want to do and would pay to do yourself anyway, then the sponsorship feels superfluous. I personally wouldn't regard that as impressive or challenging. To me it feels akin to if I asked to be sponsored to go backpacking around China, or get the Trans Siberian across Russia, or other such trips. They would be challenging, but ultimately are not things I would regard as meriting sponsorship.

  34. I like to. But often it's just so expensive to do so. My town is an affluent town so it has several independent shops, a butchers a fancy deli and so on. I like the idea of supporting them, but the prices just don't make it feasible. At their prices it can only be for an occasional treat.

  35. Quite tough, that's not a big budget. I'd probably look for if there's any cheap flights to Spain or Italy, get a cheapish hotel and then spend our time strolling around the city, eating and drinking.

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