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  1. Disney lays off Ike Perlmutter while absorbing Marvel Entertainment (separate from Marvel Studios).

  2. Wasia Project is brother-sister duo Will Gao (from Netflix's Heartstopper) and Olivia Gao.

  3. Demetrius Grosse will play Eric Williams aka the villain Grim Reaper, who is the brother of Simon Williams aka Wonder Man (played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II).

  4. Watch your post get removed and the new link pinned and posted on you-know-who's post.🫣

  5. Focus Features have removed, recut, and reuploaded the trailer twice. This has to be historical!

  6. Definitely gonna watch this in theaters. The casting is terrific!!🤩

  7. Yes I meant "so ready."🫣 I'm sorry for the typo but I changed the comment! Thanks for catching it!😂

  8. TLDR: Rachel was a no-show as predicted, while Scheana was so ready to tell her story!!! Therefore, the TRO against Scheana has been dismissed.🥳

  9. Rachel was a no-show, as people rightly predicted!!!😂

  10. Did you use the presale password TLG? We just got floor seats for Columbus and using that password knocked off like $90ea (was still $109ea). Also got some tickets for Indy too for a little less but sitting a bit further back.

  11. GA Floor tickets for Kansas City were $94.50 each + fees!

  12. Long overdue but better late than never. Avi Arad next?👀

  13. What do y'all want the sub to do for April Fool's besides implode?🫣

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