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  1. I’m stuck with the Shelby also. Best thing I’ve found is spending 300 bronze keys on fusions and then for the loyalty you get a stage 6 part

  2. I’ve only ever bought the 100 key ones, maybe this is where I’ve been going wrong 😂

  3. I was doing the same and was getting frustrated, then started saving up and now have two stage 6 parts for it

  4. Its really impressive how they've made ten albums and their latest album itcotd is at the top of alot of fan's lists including mine

  5. Yes that’s a top album for me too, banger

  6. I See Stars when the screamer left. I know a lot of people loved their last album but I couldn’t get into it…they need the screams back, the real ones, not their lead singers attempts

  7. Fit for a King. Dunno how I never listened to them before. But they are awesome

  8. Backbreaker by Fit For a King closes with like a 30 second scream.

  9. This song is amazing. Starting to really love Fit for a King

  10. Make them Suffer, Fit for a King, Parkway Drive, Veil of Maya, Motionless in White, Upon a Burning Body.

  11. Beartooth- Sick and Disgusting off their album Disgusting. It’s the only Beartooth song I skip, can’t stand it

  12. Just got my speed 3 about two weeks ago and got the rich at idle code as well, so I’m commenting to piggyback on suggestions

  13. I did airsoft when I was a teenager and enjoyed it, but now I’m an adult with children that are still fairly young (11,8), so it’s easier to get them involved when it’s nerf, instead of blasting them with airsoft, we can have wars inside the house, with my wife even joining in at times, which she would never do when I played airsoft.

  14. This isn’t a hallway, it’s a canyon

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