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  1. Is it a heat pump for HVAC? The heat strips could be stuck on. I do hvac for a living I see this often.

  2. Blacksmithing. I watched a ton of blacksmithing content on youtube, got SUPER intrigued and wanted to build my own setup in the backyard. My Father talked me into trying a class before jumping in headfirst, and I am glad I did. My Father and I were the only two in the class that day so we got all the attention from the instructor which was awesome, he really helped us both perfect our techniques and corrected any mistakes quickly so we didn't form any bad habits, it was the best instructor I have ever had for anything, guy was an amazing teacher. He even offered to let us stay for a couple more hours to make another piece, which we took him up on. After all that, an amazing class, 3 metal pieces that I worked on and created by myself by hand, I walked away... dissatisfied. I think metal as a medium just felt very hard to work with, everything is super hot and dangerous, and I just didn't see myself wanting to ever do it again. I really recommend taking a class to try something out rather than spending time and money to build your own setup for something you may hate. I spent 75$ to save thousands.

  3. I mean, it’s also on Game Pass. Numbers on Steam aren’t that conclusive in this case, but I agree that reception was pretty poor and I am sure it is also not burning up game pass charts.

  4. The bailiff in the foreground seems to have terrible reaction time.

  5. Ive got four cats in this house. I dont trust any beverage left out over 4 hrs and even then im always doing a fur check.

  6. I keep my glass on the fridge. Cats can’t reach and no one else at the house will confuse it for theirs!

  7. Reminds me of the two guys that held up a convenience store. A cop or security officer bust through blasting and hits one of the guys. He shouts, “My gun is a fake! It’s a fake!” And cool as could be the cop/officer says, “Oh, well. Mine’s real.”

  8. It is my cat’s paw print that I got after she passed away. This picture was taken immediately after the tattoo was done and I think the “splatters” that were caused by the hair on her feet looks more intentional now. I wasn’t able to get a great print from her, but it is all I have.

  9. I can tell it is a paw print, but assumed it was mid-vanish from Thanos snap.

  10. I can’t play it anymore. Pubkbuster borked me and I get booted from every match. :(

  11. It was just trying to dry the inside of your car. Feature, not a bug.

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