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Rapper 6ix9ine jumped in bathroom at LA FITNESS

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A sense of impending doom

  1. Immigration, foreign entanglements, affirmative action, our relationship with Israel... those come to mind as well. I'm surprised you chose those two. That said, I think it's really telling where we are as a society when abortion rights are so fundamental to a number of people.

  2. Well women are like half of the population so it should be an important issue.

  3. I meant for the sake of everyone. Not just myself.

  4. Okay and they can not watch also. Why is this a hard concept.

  5. 5000 karma?! what’s next he GETS TO FUCK HER FOR GOLD????

  6. Gold? What kind of Pygmy thing you think this is? Platinum! We platinum baby!

  7. A more nuanced take may be that mocks change because of a change of opinion on a player's value in relation to other players as time goes on, as more tape is watched, as front office's opinions become more clear.

  8. Yea the draft is a fluid and changing situation everyone knows that.

  9. No the freak athlete is Tyree Wilson, I think he’s the guy at 6 when it’s all said and done.

  10. He was another one I looked at but he is more of a pure pass rusher but he could be a pick at 18 or a move up to get if they go Carter or a DB at 6.

  11. Honestly, I feel like part of the guy's success is realising that the "free thinkers" in the league who don't trust agents are probably also more susceptible to quackery

  12. Yeah I don’t see OP replying anywhere here so I’m guessing it’s just some pics taken of a dusty PC and posted for karma farming.

  13. There is. You simply don't remember the title. Try to ask ChatGPT with a scene description.

  14. Lol wut this is the most Reddit shit I've ever read. The internet has 100% killed newspapers. You used to have to pay for the newspaper, now everyone expects everything available online for free

  15. What killed the newspapers is their adherence to their business model. And that they are still profitable but the companies that now own so many of them instead stack profits instead of paying their workforce. They fire anyone over a certain age and hire fresh out of college to pay them less. Most large companies do this it’s nothing really new.

  16. Don't let Wojo fool you. He is never funny.

  17. I deleted the second half of the article. Meant no disrespect.

  18. Watching progressives on this site defend someone paying their daughter six figures in public funds to send out some letters is definitely peak Reddit. Thanks for the laugh!

  19. I didn’t defend her, read my entire comment. I clarified what she was accused of. Reading is fundamental.

  20. He's being convicted of using campaign funds for personal use. Dude, do you have ANY idea how many politicians do that on the regular? Literally all of them.

  21. I am not on mobile and it didn't convert it. The one I linked worked fine.

  22. As far as I understand, a lot of Neapolitan crime is a based on the street corner mentality (more so plazas in this case) where they’re used as outlets for open air drug markets. A lot of these plazas are run by crews of younger gangster who are supplied by the Camorristi and act as farm teams for the clans.

  23. If they have 1% MC's they have criminal activities.

  24. For all of the dynamic excitement in this post, maybe we should get a downed power line in here..let you suck on!

  25. They are all still there

  26. Airball would probably be more popular if he was only abrasive to people who A: Are disliked, or B: Have way too much ego.

  27. Very good point. Since Nik is arrogant to most everyone it makes him an easy target.

  28. 😂 thank you. And on top of all that he didn’t even tone down his appearance any to at least ATTEMPT to not get his ass beat. Like cut off that rainbow hair and get yourself a marvel superhero disguise 🧢🕶️

  29. And going to a LA Fitness in public like no way someone isn’t gonna recognize his billboard looking face.

  30. It’s two trends in TikTok one is people making really dumb food in really dumb wasteful ways basically baiting people to rage about them.

  31. I bet OP love to play roulette and insists that if the wheel stops on red long enough the odds increase that it will land on black. Exactly the type of people that the casinos love and why they put those number trackers by the tables that tell you what numbers and colors landed on previous rolls. When they did that the take from roulette went up!

  32. The painted idiot articulated an important part of what animates, I think a fairly large swath of, Trumpers. Social outcasts of low intelligence/high ignorance who are looking for connection. It doesn't matter what the group is, as long as there is belonging. It's sad really. And it's the meat and potatoes of conmen everywhere.

  33. Notice how fast they turned on him. He did something they didn't like and immediately turned on him saying he wasn't for trump and he isn't a trump supporter. They are ready to eat their own at this point, they see spy's and infiltrators everywhere.

  34. Good exercise. I would say Stroud would be my pick. Bryce Young is a great college qb, and you would think that would translate over to being a great NFL qb, but I feel that when you're that size in the NFL, u just can't be successful.

  35. Sub account as in alt account. Come on should know this, even my ancient 30 year old ass knows this.

  36. "A sub account is a segregated account nested under a larger account."

  37. Yes I know but I was referring to his stance on gambling dating back to what I was talking about.

  38. No this was almost certainly about the gambling on twitch scandal back when a bunch of streamers threatened to boycott twitch if they didn't do something about the gambling channels. I highly highly doubt this is related to HCL.

  39. I guess I should have been more specific. I was friends, haven't talked to them in almost a year now. We used to just talk about stuff but he started going really off the deep end and that became too much.

  40. Not all are. Yes some are but not all. I try to avoid making blanket judgements about people. And in the case of my friend and other friends who I disagree with I know enough about them to know they are not.

  41. Ok, here's something REALLY odd. I asked Bings new AI generation search to summarize the video for you and here is the bizarre reply:

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