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  1. The Guardians of the Galaxy game was okay. The story was pretty good, and the combat was ok. The only thing I hate about replaying it is the restricted movement sections. I hate that devs put these in. Yes devs, I get you want me to see how pretty your game looks, but I just want to shoot more aliens and monsters.

  2. I'm just starting GoTG on ps4, or should I wait until I get a ps5

  3. Season 2 mainly focused on the Punisher imo. Sure Elektra came into play with the Hand and everything but I felt like they could have done better by bringing a different villain and save Elektra for season 3 so she can come in and help fight bullseye perhaps. Don't get me wrong though because I'm a huge fan of the Punisher, but they should have waited until the end of the season to introduce him because if he would have kidnapped Matt at the end of the season giving us more of a cliffhanger ending would have been a great intro for Frank and his own series.

  4. This is a Tim Hortons...a restaurant, in Canada, where there are public bathrooms. IIRC it was in the first year of the pandemic, and it had something to do with her not wearing a face mask

  5. Happened years before the pandemic. Chill there bud, do your research

  6. I remember that.. That happened in BC. Some lady went nuts at a tims because her 9rder was wrong or something. News said she was intoxicated I believe but I might be wrong

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