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Gamestop on Twitter OMG

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  1. If this same scenario were shot in, say, the 1930’s, one of the most appealing parts of this photo would be the car. So maybe the viewer from 2123 will be like, “holy shit, it’s a Kia sportage”

  2. Which is good because you can just imagine that your tlayuda is a ginormous taco!!

  3. Totally wouldn’t mind if my headstone was one and during Halloween season a mechanical hand reaches up through the garbage and grabs your hand when you’re throwing something out lol

  4. I wanted to do this in a pool of jello as a kid by opening my mouth and my b-hole at the same time while swimming really fast boy was I an idiot

  5. You must have been a Sea cucumber in your past life, with all that mouth and butthole thing going on

  6. Close! A worm. Grandma was half sea-cuke. Ironically enough I was eaten by a fish, passed through the fish’s tube, then into the human’s tube, and then into the sewer tube and now here I am in this life commenting on the internet which is a series of tubes!! Tubular dude lol!!!

  7. 5.4b?! If they had only gotten fined the 15m in 2008 the SEC should’ve brought the hammer down once and for all let alone all of this jeeeeesh

  8. Tinfoil theory: the 4x1 Tetris block is gamestop’s pp sliding into shf bunghole

  9. I'm imagining some heartfelt "christmas spirit" style moment where the whole community comes together to piss the car free, as the owner and his family look on with a tear of thanks in their eye.

  10. Hwang on a minute when they were asked what caused this shitfuck their first response was social media?!

  11. I can’t wait to compare post 2023 crash videos to these. We need to dramatically portray everyone with Margot Robbie or maybe a cartoon or anime or something OR . . .

  12. Is Today finally the start of tomorrow? 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

  13. Is this tinfoily or nah: 186 banks have a 2t difference in the value of their assets because of held to maturity problems- isn’t RRP hovering around 2t with around 186 banks involved?

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