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Pupdate: Posie passed away last night with her whole family around her. Her little body cannot withstand the surgery she needed to survive. We are absolutely devastated

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[OC] yesterday marks one year sober for me. Kinda proud of myself. I hope this is okay to share here.

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  1. I ended up with three amazing rescue dogs and couldn't love them more! Do they have some "quirks"? Yes. But we've worked through a lot with them. I wouldn't trade any of them (or their perceived baggage) for anything. Just like people, each of my dogs brings a different personality into the mix! I consider myself extremely lucky to have them in my life. As someone who has spent a lot of time with shelter dogs, I wouldn't consider any other option but adopting from shelter/rescue.

  2. My next dog will not be a shelter dog (most likely) because I'm dealing with such extreme issues with my current rescue.

  3. Yikes. I'm sorry for your experience - that's so much to take on. It's true that we don't always know what we're getting with an animal or what their complete history is, and it can be a gamble for sure. I really hope the organization you adopted from provided ongoing support with training and were open to accepting the dog back into their care with all of those challenges.

  4. There's safe camping in NH. If anyone chooses to go camping up here, I'm here for you.

  5. This photo is underrated, what a beautiful example of the typical nature of both species of animal, when they have good humans.

  6. Thanks so much! That's kind of you to say. These two are so funny together, and so curious about one another. It's been fun seeing them get to know each other.

  7. Omg! He looks so much like my Kermit, now deceased sadly. You’re fella looks like such a character, I can see it in his eyes!! 🥭

  8. So sorry to hear about your Kermit (I love that name, btw). Turtle sure packs a lot of character into that tiny body of his!

  9. It's a pink rhododendron! The flowers are fairly short lived but I absolutely love them!

  10. beautiful flowers and even more beautiful dog❤

  11. I'm pretty sure this is a Red Tailed Hawk but would welcome a correction if that isn't right.

  12. I'm so very sorry for your loss. No doubt she knows how much you loved her and that you did everything you could to keep her happy and comfortable ❤️

  13. Such a ferocious little dinosaur! I'm afeared for my life, how did you escape with your hands intact?

  14. It was a close call! I consider myself very lucky to have escaped unscathed.

  15. What a cutie! Btw what is the name of the stuff you use to wrap around the pvc?

  16. Thanks! We just used vet wrap to cover the pvc. It sticks to itself so it's super easy to use.

  17. Best wishes for you and Posie! She's adorable and is lucky to have an awesome human caring for her!

  18. Also NH! Love to see a lot of pittie support here! I foster for pittie love rescue out of MA and they work with local Boston area shelters. :)

  19. I'm at Pope Memorial Humane Society - Cocheco Valley, trying to build up our foster programs as much as the state of NH will let me!

  20. As an animal welfare professional and big-time foster advocate, THANK YOU for fostering! We need more people willing to be open-minded and give the most vulnerable animals a safe haven.

  21. Oh, I'm aware ;) Greta's quicks are super long. I trim her nails weekly (which she hates), and the quicks have receded a little, but not nearly enough to make a difference, unfortunately.

  22. I'm sorry you had to deal with ignorant jerks. I've been there while walking my pit mixes - it can be so disheartening. Don't let them get to you! Your girl is absolutely beautiful and I just love her pajamas!

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