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How much each individual American 🇺🇸 is paying for Ukraine 🇺🇦 War 💸

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  1. Those are maggots on the guy in the foreground.

  2. I doubt that. They take days to appear and US forces wouldnt just leave bodies there for days. Probably just debris of some kind

  3. One year ago this video would have disgusted me, now I'm like zooming in trying to figure out what happened

  4. My favourite movie as a ten year old, thought it was cutting edge and super thought provoking, which it was I guess, but would seem silly to me now

  5. Can we get a translation? Can only read MARTIALI - VERN DVLCISSIMO QVI

  6. Between this, The Northman and Everything Everywhere all at Once, A24 had one hell of a good year.

  7. The Northman, while having great cinematography and production design, sucked ass.

  8. I think it’s like a year traineeship on about 55-60k maybe, then when you’re fully qualified and working in the field it’s 100k. So 18 months of work from getting hired until you’re on 100k

  9. Can you even really call it a "human wave attack" when it's like 9 dudes?

  10. Whatever happened to cascade full strength beer? Haven't seen it for about 15 years in SA. It was great

  11. Tasmanian here. Cascade being a local beer is available FRIGGIN' EVERYWHERE here and there are a number of full strength varieties - Lager, Draught, Pale Ale etc. I wonder which you had? I wasn't aware it was sold anywhere else!

  12. The one I had had a red label I think although could have been green or idea. Think it was cascade premium. Definitely full strength

  13. Or kill it so it doesn't drop on you or scare you.

  14. Least you didn't have Callous, killed my king at 20 when I released a load of prisoners on mass. Instantly achieved max stress.

  15. April. The magical combo of beauty and low self esteem.

  16. I find this very hard to believe. I highly doubt the AVERAGE age of home ownership is in the range of 27-35 in many European countries. I know a lot of Europeans in their 20s and 30s and the idea of owning a home to them at this point in their lives is somewhat ridiculous. If they do buy it's likely to be a studio/one bedroom apartment, not a three bedroom house like in Aus

  17. Ah yes the good old "bring a plate" where half the dishes are the same and spend the day sweating in the sun until they're thrown in the bin. Quintessentially Australian

  18. If you know a controlling narcissist a lot of Don's behaviour can be fairly triggering

  19. Imagine lying there and the last thing you see in life is how your radio ascends to heaven

  20. Get job selling fur coats, get customers drunk, show up to their agencies saying they hired you.

  21. One less famous British novelist I recommend a lot is Jim Crace. He's written some really unique historical, prehistoric, and post-collapse fiction about societies experiencing material change, often focusing on human storytelling and it's role in society. He rarely gives a specific place or time period, and he writes in a way that doesn't read like you're an alien watching from the future or past. I'd compare him to McCarthy in that he doesn't tend to exhaustively narrate his characters' emotional lives.

  22. I feel like CK3 is a solid game. More content is just a bonus, although personally Royal Court was an incredibly weak and even annoying addition

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