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  1. I just found out that the iPod Mini used a mechanical drive

  2. I have seen some take a part the entire thing cast in Resin absolutely stunning

  3. For those who're wondering, these headphones are called the TDS 17 from Russia (maybe during the Soviet days but idk). They were featured in a DankPods episode where he famously called them the TAC 17 (because the way they were written in Russian Cyrillic looked similar to TAC, but don't be deceived, it's actually TDS)

  4. Nah they are from Sanyo. They came with cassette player

  5. If you want the look and the sound. Get some Koss P/21's with some Yaxi pads. I'm currently using the Porta Pros daily and love them. Best bang for the buck Hi-Fi out there.

  6. That's definitely on my list. These are very hard to find in India. I do have a Koss Porta Pro with Yaxi Pads.

  7. I hope it’s a portable DAC. That would be a killer combo.

  8. It's a portable headphone Amp. 5th generation doesn't allow digital out. Only the 7th generation 160gb allows to take a digital out

  9. How big of a difference does your Amp makes?

  10. Well R70x is 470ohms quite harder to drive. This amp we can switch OP Amps easily. I have changed it to you LT1364.

  11. It's probably a pretty common part. Do you have the old one? Mouser electronics probably has something that would work.

  12. I don't know what it is really called to do a search and I couldn't find a service manual too.

  13. Did you use glue inside to secure mmcx connectors? If yes, what kind of glue?

  14. a wifi range extender is no solution for a bad wifi signal.

  15. We have got two floors the router is in the second floor. I don't get proper signal in the first floor.

  16. wooden floor? iron frame structure? concrete floors? That make quite a difference.

  17. Oh that's incredible. It's concrete brick structure. What router do you use?

  18. Thanks, appreciate the quick response! But just checked again with just the "firmware" tag and only thing I see is for ZX50, A100, A40, ZX300, or WM1/A? No mention of the A50 series?

  19. I think you are using the older blogspot. He has another

  20. Ahhh perfect, thank you for the help, I'll check that out. Also, have you had any issues with your A55 not reconnecting to bluetooth? Like lets say you have it connected via bluetooth to a car stereo (in this case a 2013 Lexus), and turn the car off...but when you turn the car back on, you have to manually reestablish the bluetooth connection? Mine does this every time and it is super annoying, so just curious if you've encountered the same type of issue? Thanks again!

  21. Hey I'm really sorry. All my gears are wired. I haven't tried the Bluetooth option yet.

  22. Is it the Microsoft Store version? Try uninstalling that and reinstalling with an installer directly from

  23. I ended up using a 2018 version that i saved in my older HDD. One of the bloggers wrote

  24. Read that again, they'll be given a CPA degree, not a CA degree. Even now in India scope of US CPA's and UK ACCA's is inferior to that of CA'S so companies will hire CA's only

  25. They will be given licence to practice similar to CA.

  26. ACCA and CPA in today's world are also given COP's of audit, yet in India still CA's are preferred when it comes to audit

  27. The point is why go through all this struggle of doing CA when there's a IIA. The whole of statutory audit is carried on by CAs when there are accountants from IIA doing the same audits. what's the relevance for CAs

  28. Listening to Isayil thodangudhamma from hey Ram in this is pure bliss. Made me stand right in the center of the music...

  29. Am I really old enough that “vintage earbuds” is a phrase you can use in earnest?

  30. Stock versions wouldn't work with present tech anyways. These came with 2.5mm jacks. I don't think any present mobile phone supports them so according to me that makes it Vintage.

  31. I still have mine but haven't used it since I got my iPod (gen. 5, I think?).

  32. I do own a lot of IPods as well. But this was refreshing for a change. Even Zune was quite interesting ( very cumbersome to set it up at first)

  33. I loved my Zune. The original was obviously too big (I had the black brick) but they improved the design with 2nd gen and the Zune HD was legit. The music pass subscription was what set it apart. Unfortunately, Microsoft did a shit job advertising it and most people didn’t know WTF it even was.

  34. Hey do you remember the preloaded tracks that came with your zune?

  35. They are. They are rewired old Motorola Earbuds.

  36. I have my old sansa with rockbox installed on it. Have not used it from long time but it used to work great.

  37. I'm considering flashing rockbox. I can import EQ settings from my IPod. 😁

  38. Any link to the headfi thread? Also, how do they sound? I live in finland so getting my hands on these is easy

  39. So lucky 😁 it came up more often in DIY Earbuds thread. I'll try to find it for you. Punchy bass (doesn't sound dark though) and mids is just amazing treble is kind of mellowed out.

  40. Do you know if hds3 are any good? I see them go for like 3$

  41. Sorry mate. The HDS-3 I got hands on was cheap knock offs. There are like AA+ grade first copies. I got that. I didn't bother modding them.

  42. Probably a hand deal with a person residing in your city. Otherwise your options are slim to none.

  43. You could try olx or instagram sellers. There are few legit ones.

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