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  1. They're that rich specifically because they're unethical and often cruel people.

  2. Yup. I have a family member who has no problem ripping off and/or suing anybody including well-meaning family members for personal gains, and has become extremely rich doing so.

  3. My BIL is a die hard Trump fan and was saying some nonsense against Biden so I said, “now that gas is dropping why don’t you put those stickers on the gas pumps anymore? Because, you know, Biden did that too.” He just stared at me like his brain detached from its stem.

  4. As a Norwegian, nothing makes me cringe more than random Americans thinking they are "Norse pagans" (looked at her TikTok). But she clearly look and sounds like she has something similar to down syndrome (or some other form of a similar kind of disability) so I'd give her some slack to be honest.

  5. Yeah. I work with disabled people. She 100% has a genetic disease, likely downs.

  6. Let it ride in a Super High Roller event. A lot of the players in these tourneys depend on RTA and multi-accounting strategies that don’t apply to live poker, so you will give you an advantage against the field.

  7. 100% agree with this dude. The family renting it out, doing tours of the plantation, etc. are probably the direct descendants of the original slave owners. Disgusting behavior.

  8. That’s an odd amount per day. $11k is just over the threshold for financial institutions having to complete a Currency Transaction Report (CTR).

  9. Yeah. Suggests that he wants this to be found to draw attention away from larger-scale fraud.

  10. That’s the goddamn truth for sooooo many so-called “conspiracy theorists”

  11. Through having an unconventional viewpoint, they feel a sense of exclusive enlightenment. This is a reason why conspiracies can be so alluring. They appeal to the human psyche on a fundamental level.

  12. This. I make $150k as well, and am priced out. Lower in this post an asshole Hoomer accused me of “not saving, having a spending problem, or looking at homes too expensive” due to my income and inability to afford housing.

  13. corn stock is a great base for vegetarian soups and chowders

  14. I have a feeling that a large amount of those people are going to wind up on the streets. I'm pretty sure most of those people aren't college kids or young people that can just move back in with their parents. Landlord greed is going to put us in another great depression. Our housing system is beyond broken and needs to be burned to the ground

  15. I am in SF Bay area. Homelessness has spiked visibly and significantly in the last ~1-2 months in both cities and suburbs

  16. Gun to my head if i were building a new team based solely on the walk season, I miiiiight take Beltre with the fantastic defense at 3rd being the tie-breaker. Dude almost won a triple crown in the steroid era while clean

  17. OP is a self-reporting, over-leveraged, bitter bag holder.

  18. Next to the 'Rematch' button should be a 'Teammate Battle' option that lets you challenge your trash tm8

  19. What did I say yesterday? I knew it'd either be the Bee or ABC 10!

  20. broke: local news station trolls metro area subreddits and twitter trends to find new leads.

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